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  • Fishing in the anchorage and stewart area

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forums. I'm a Fisheries and Wildlife student. We are taking a one week trip to Anchorage alaska for the Wildlife Society National Conference. We will be at the conference for 2 days then we will be touring your fine state.

    A few other students and I would love to go fishing. I'm curious if you guys could give me some advice. Such as, will a 10'6" noodle rod with 6# test be enough for a coho if i'm lucky enough to catch one.

    What kind of spin fishing techniques are successful?

    Is the last week of september too late to expect to catch any coho's?

    Any streams that you wouldn't mind sharing information on for a few out of state students?

    Thank you guys for any info you are willing to share.

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    Did you mean Seward?

    You probaby would be better off buying a semi-disposible salmon rated spinning rod from Fred Meyer or Walmart. They sell the whole shebang including heavy line and even lures, and you might even be able to get in on a sale at the end of the season. As for whether there will still be silvers there, I'm fairly certain you should run into a stragler or two.


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      What about for dollies and steelies?

      Ive caught 35# lake run kings and a few 18+ pound steelies on my noodle rod.

      How big of fish am I likely to hook into if any?

      Do you guys drift roe like we do in the great lake tribs?


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