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  • First trip to Alaska

    I'm going to be going to Alaska for the first time next week and will have just one extra day that I hope to do some fishing next week. I'll be in Anchorage on May 23rd. I've checked with a couple people up there and they've said the King fishing still isn't too good yet. While King's would be nice I'm not going to be real picky, I'd just hate to go to Alaska and not do some kind of fishing. Does any one have any suggestions on where I might go and a guide out of Anchorage to get into some fish.

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    Not sure of the timing but there are some options. If you want to do a one day fly out, give Trail Ridge a call, (907 248-0838) they have arrangements with a number of guides and if the kings are starting to run somewhere close, they'll know. You can also do a fly out to Alexander Lake for pike. A lot of the Anchorage lakes have trout and landlocked salmon. They get stocked and its not a "true" Alaska wildeerness fihing experience but its a lot of fun. Halibut is an option but doing a one day trip down to Homer or Deep Creek is a brutal undertaking so Seward or Whittier would be options. For Whittier I have used Riptide Charters (907 929-1798) and he can help or turn you on to someone that can. I'm not sure how the charters are doing out of Whittier right now, there's still snow there. Good luck and have fun.


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      The kings in Ship Creek, downtown Anchorage should also be running, almost forgot that. Its Alaska combat fishing at its finest (or worse, depending on point of view).


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        Another thought would be the kasilof river south of soldotna. Bait opened today and there have been several caught. Plus sometimes you can hook a steelhead, dollies etc... Several good charters out there. Try Kings Unlimited 907-398-7769 or check with the soldotna chamber... or there is some success off the bank at Crooked creek, if you have the gear... Good luck and have fun!


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          First timer

          I had called Trail Ridge on someone elses recommendation and they were apprehensive about taking me to Alexander or Lake Creek because it's been too cool and they didn't think the fishing would be that good yet. Pike fishing would be fine though, at least I'd be fishing. I did tell them I'd call them later this week and see if it had improved any. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll call the other you all have suggested.


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            Saltwater kings and halibut

            At this time of year your best bet is fishing a salmon/halibut combo in Cook Inlet off of Anchor River or Deep Creek. Plenty of operators working out of there. A buddy fished it last week and hammered the kings. Not a great tide series, but not the worst either.


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