The Russisan and the Kenai this weekend



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  • The Russisan and the Kenai this weekend

    Do you think a trip down there this weekend would be worth the drive and the gas? are there still reds going though by the ferry (that is the part that is still open from the Ferry down to the power lines)? The rest is open for silvers correct? how are they coming in? sorry for all the questions just trying to get at least one last good fishing day in before I start duck hunting.

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    That would depend on what you call "worth it." If you fish below the ferry, then you can try for reds, but for every fressh one you hook, assuming you hook into any, there will be numerous red ones that you will remove from your line. They are still a nice fish to fight, and any day of fishing is better than a day doing just about anythin else (except of course hunting). If you fich the area where there are silvers, you can typically spot your fish and have a better chance at success, but you will still hook into some old reds. Typically late in august and in early september, I have gone to catch and release and typically hook into 10 silvers in a matter of 5 hours of fishing, and if I get bored searching for silvers, there are a plethora of dollies in the river, taking just about anything that looks like an egg. For me, that is worth it. So now we come full circle, what do you call "worth it"? Good luck in your fishing and waterfowling adventures!
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      Better than expected

      I was fishing last weekend between Bings and the Keys, and it was better than some peaks prevousl years. I would expect that there will be a lot of fresh fish at the russian by the weekend. There will also be a lot of red ones, and a lot of pinks, if they go up that far. Your biggest problem may be catching too many fish that you have to turn back to get to the ones you want to keep. All in all, this is not the worst problem to have.
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        Fished Swiftwater a week ago Saturday with two buddies. Water conditions were high, but perfectly fishable. We were using corkies and/or yarn.

        Decent numbers of bright sockeye and silvers were present. The reds were big and strong. Only problem was that the pinks were thick and hard to keep off the hook. Seemed like we ended up hooking about 10 to 15 humpies for every sockeye or coho on the line. Hard to keep the desired species on the line though.

        Between the three of us, we took home four keepers for the day and all were reds. Certainly not red hot fishing, but a good trip overall. In addition to acquiring more fillets for the freezer, one friend claimed to be suffering from a really sore arm and a severe case of "pink-itis."


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