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  • Valdez Fishing

    Just got back from a week of fishing in Valdez. Late last week there was a good bite of Gold and mineral creeks trolling flasher and bait or hoochie. Then the rains came blew out the bay around town. Tons of debris and logs littered the bay from the constant rain. The bay is fairly muddy looking. Currently, there are good water conditions and fishing from Anderson to the entrance to Jacks bay. We were able to get limits on two days. Also filled up two five gallon buckets of Spotted shrimp over the week.

    A note of caution there are some very large floating logs in the bay. We broke a dual prop on our 25ft Bayliner, and spent half the next day trying to find a replacement. After installing the $600 replacement we were out to the shrimp grounds to recover our pots. Unfortunately, we ran over another huge log and broke of one of the blades off the inner prop, and bent the other two. Those are the breaks... We recovered the soaking shrimp pots, hooked some more fish, and called it an end to our fishing trip as we limped back to port and 9 mph.

    There are still thousands of Pinks off Alison point and the Solomon Gulch hatchery. Black bears were taking the humpies from the culverts, and stripping the eggs from the hens to eat. Silver fishing was slow off Alison point, and the run will probably be late this year

    Derby Weights
    Halibut 343 lbs
    Silver 17.64 lbs

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    my father and i are headed that way saturday morning for a week also. i tell you what everybody i know has had a bad year with things happening to our boats. i personally locked up my 351 like the second week of kings. ive since put in a new fuel injected 350 and the last of the welding should be complete today. cutting it close for saturday. i hope we get a couple nice days while we are there but for the past 6 years its been rain so i think we are used to it. we were thinking about dropping some shrimp pots ourselves, did you go outside the bay for that?
    anybody else headed that way this week?


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      Valdez Fishin

      We got one beautiful day on Monday. The sun was out, calm winds, flat seas, and biting fish.

      Dropped a string of 3 pots off Gold creek, but had too many crabs, and star fish. Maybe 10 - 20 shrimp per pot baited with Salmon heads, shimp pellets, and sauce. Best results came along the entrance to Jacks bay in 300 ft of water. Also got one octopus.

      good luck,


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        First timer

        I am going there with friends 9/6 for a few days for the first time. We have rented a boat. What rig do I use for Silvers in the Salt water? We also love to fly fish. Any opportunities for that? Any suggestions of flys? I sure will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks


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          (MT) well im not really a fly fisherman but i have watched them by allison point and they really slay the fish!!! at the time your going you should be able to get fish anywhere. we have been doing this trip a few years now and honestly it took the first two to figure it all out. we've done the trolling thing with downriggers the pink ladies, flashers, followed other boats till we figured out our spot and what we finally ended up using is the green squid with a small chunk of herring. casting, jigging or just floating the shoreline. i have caught more fish there than i could even count, and thats no story! a couple years back we were using what they call a salmon prop, yellow with orange dots with a small chunk of bait and the silvers gobbled it up too.
          thanx steelieguy, funny you said that cause thats where i was planning on going. we'll be there for a week so i hope we at least get one sunny day!!!


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            flies for silvers

            Try large streamers in vibrant colors, "coho" flies. I've fished Valdez a lot and when you get "bored" of trolling flashers a fly rod is a fun alternative. I personally use a 9 weight with large streamers in pink, red, orange, and purple. I haven't caught as many fish with flies, but man is it fun.


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