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Are rivers unfishable!??

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  • Are rivers unfishable!??

    I am comming up to see a friend on Sep. 8th who lives in Sterling.I know it has been raining for about 3 weeks now. Hope to fish a few days and get a Moose hunt in. How is the shape of local rivers, Kenai,Quartz? Looking mainly for Rainbows. Do not mind Salmon or Dollies!

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    Don't know about Quartz Creek, but the Kenai R. is fine. A buddy floated the upper river from Sportsmans to Jims this weekend and picked up several Dolleys & rainbows. Didn't mention any bad water conditions. I fished near Centennial campground in Soldotna yesterday and was expecting the water to be a lot dirtier than it was...really didn't look that bad.


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      The rivers I spoke to you about fishing are completely blown out! Today is the first day of sunshine with the last 10 straight being steady rain. Things may subside back to normal levels by the time you get here, but I'm not sure how the fishing will be after the flooding.

      I'll keep you posted.

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        I just got back from the Little Susitna and I have never seen anything like that before. It looks like the Big Susitna right now. I would say the water is 10ft higher than normal, 10 ft deep in areas where just a few weeks ago were 8-12" deep. I was out there for 15 minutes or so and counted 5 trees that floated by!


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          AKMud, It was good talking to you the other day. Thanks everyone for the info. Keep me posted. Only three weeks left till go time!


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            Kenai River

            Drifted the Kenai Canyon from Jim's Landing to Skilak on Saturday and had a fair day fishing....caught about 18 bows and 5 dollies. The water was a bit high but was running normal color. Just have the army of late reds moving in but they haven't started to spawn yet. The weather really was quirky as we went from an hour of light drizzle to 2-3 hours of pouring rain, to 2 hours of sunshine....then the rest in off and on drizzle. There were a few really nice bows up to 28 inches....most caught on beads, with some on flesh flies and the largest on something, "big, black and ugly". With all the reds coming in the fishing should be fantastic through September and October until it gets too cold. Here's a few of the can tell the difference in weather by the background.
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              more pics....

              Here's a couple more from Saturday......

              Is there anyway to increase uploadable file sizes on the site?
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                I'm headed down to the Kenai for some trout this weekend, hopefuly its still decent.


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                  Quartz on Sat

                  I fished both Quartz and the Kenai last Fri and Sat. The Kenai was fine -- smoked the Bows!! Quartz was decent on Fri and then blew up over night making Sat ugly. You could still wade across up at the national campground but it was sketchy. Fish were still biting but it was blind luck. Bottom line: I wouldn't waste any time on Quartz, stick with the Kenai.


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                    File size

                    Originally posted by DocEsox
                    Is there anyway to increase uploadable file sizes on the site?

                    Doc - I'm sure it's possible for David (the site owner) to increase the file size restrictions, but it would come at a cost. Our new ability to post pictures requires vast amounts of storage space, so there has to be some sort of limitation in place. On a personal note, I feel as though it would be far better if people would use a photo hosting site like photobucket instead of just attaching pictures. This takes no storage space (allowing for other forum features), and the picture size can be MUCH bigger. When I post a picture through photobucket I usually have to reduce the size by 50-75% because it won't fit on the screen. Bigger pictures and reduced storage concerns...seems like a win-win.

                    By the way, nice fish! You're making me jealous...



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                      Like that i think, ill just test it. that was last year on the kenai, 28 inches and very fat.


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                        Under your pic at photobucket, you'll see three text boxes. The last one, labeled "Img", is just for posting on message boards like this one. All you do is copy the text in that box and paste in the body of your message on this board. I think its called hyperlinking? Some photo hosting sites do not allow this hyperlinking, like Yahoo. Photobucket is one of the more popular hosting sites because its free. Also, if you have a large photo, greater than 1MB, Photobucket will resize you pic when you upload to their site. The resized image is a perfect fit for any mesage board.


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                          I have an 8 megapixel camera so my pictures are HUGE. When I hyperlink they turn out monsterous, but in photobucket they to resize them automaticaly. Just easier that way


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                            Thanks.....I'll use photobucket from her on out...thanks for the info.

                            Nice bow Griff....hope you nail them this weekend.....


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