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Help with salmon shark fishing

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  • Help with salmon shark fishing

    Hello all,

    I am new to this site, but am active on one I invite you to check out here on the east coast at

    Here is my question. I have lived and fished a lot up in AK, just live down here now,. I will be coming up next weekend for a visit and was wondering if someone can give me some input on fishing for salmon sharks. I fish for a range of fish here on the east coast to include tuna, shark, wahoo and so on, but was wondering if the technique for the salmon sharks and set up is the same for mako and threasher. We are going out of valdez on 28/29 AUg for halibut and whatever else we can find. 41ft boat, and going to do the overnight thing.

    Also, I am going to bring up my reels for fishing these monsters, but could use a couple of good rods. any suggestion on size, where I can get them, and approx. cost. I will have to figure out after the fact how to get them home.

    Like wise, any of you all coming this way ever need any help or info, save my name or number. thanks for the help. feel free to call if you like, just remember I live on the east coast, so call before 5pm your time.



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    Salmon Shark

    My buddy and I did quit well fishing for sharks in Dutch Harboryear before last, but it was quit the process getting the gear correct. They are monsters and will tear up most any gear. We ended up using 16' cable wind-on leaders. I found a web site that detailed how to splice the cable onto your mainline. They take awhile to make, but were too expensive to buy (for me). We ended up trolling salmon strips on a hook behind the downrigger at about 30 deep. The trick was to let them hit the bait and then freespool with light tension on the line. If you feed them teh bait for about 20 seconds you could feel teh line start to gain tension and then set the hook. Fight on. I've never caught anything like a large salmon shark, or a small one for that matter. Had one spool 900 feet of 100# test in about four seconds, just hangin on for the ride. The biggest we caught was on video and longer than the deck of my 24' hewescraft. We estimated it at about 800lbs. For gear we used regular standup halibut gear and a fighting belt with harness (saves the back abit). Usually about 45 to 75 minutes fight to get them to the boat. John


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