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  • In serious need of advise

    Hello, well, got to alaska just in time for all the rain,,,,,,,nothing really doing on bird, ship, and out little su trip basically turned into a nightmare!
    Our deep creek charter was canceled,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway,,,not to be a wet towel,, just dumb timing!!

    Anyone have any leads where a guy could catch some fish??? Still have a week left and I would to try to put something together,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Fishing suggestions

    Sorry to hear about your tough trip. I know that there are plenty of areas to fish around this great state...I am most familiar with the Kenai Peninsula and Kenai River.

    Presently, the Kenai is producing some good silver fishing with a bazillion pinks (catching is awesome; 10:1 Pinks:silvers). Centennial Park in Soldotna is a great place for camping with good bank fishing. Likewise, Cunningham Park in Kenai is where many of the locals beach fish for silvers (fish the last 2 hours of the outgoing tide and up to 3 hours after low to avoid the main pink invasion).

    I haven't been on the river since Friday, so I don't know how the visibility is doing... in lower vis, go with hardware, otherwise bait is working great.

    Also, there are great lake fishing on the Kenai... Lakers in Hidden Lake, Rainbows/Dollies in the Swanson River System (by the way, I also heard that the silvers are in at the mouth of the Swanson); Grayling in Crescent and Fuller.

    I also heard that Quartz is mud and expect other mountain streams to be likewise.

    Good luck... hope you find some good fishing


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