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Burbot hot spots and setup

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  • Burbot hot spots and setup

    I have been fishing burbot for the past couple of years. I have yet to catch any big burbot. Most are between 10 to 20 inches of length. I have eaten a couple nice ones that were given to me. Right now I fish Moose Creek in North Pole and I am looking for a new spot. Anyone have any ideas or areas to check out? Also, I am fishing with herring. Are there any other baits that seem to attract them. I heard white fish is good for fishing; but I have not been able to locate any. I have been using some 5/0 hooks with about 1/4 oz of weight and letting the current push it up on the sides. Should I look at heavier weight and try to make it sink sooner?

    thanks in advance

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    Contact Eric "Kos" Kosimutto(sp?). If he's not in the NP phone book try contacting the Eielson snowmachine club (Northern Lights Snowmachine Club) He's a member and has lead burbot trips before. He mainly fishes the Tanana in Feb/Mar. At that time the river is running clear under the ice and the burbot stack up in the deep pools feeding on winter kill and salmon flesh. He runs trot lines, checked every few days.
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      White Fish

      Dows anyone know where you can get some white fish for bait near N.P or Fairbanks?


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        Where to get White fish for bait

        On Davis Road, Fairbanks....Santa's Smoke House (old name?) or Interior Fish Processors(sp?). Might want to pull a few rocks along the Chena banks and grab a few eels, they work good too!


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          First burbot we ever attempted to catch, right around the Petersville area. We were shocked to pull him up, but boy are they ever tasty. Poor Man's Lobster was excellent!
          The petersville area does have some burbot in there, just have to find em, we just had a lot of dumb luck.


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