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First Trip to Alaska (The results)

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  • First Trip to Alaska (The results)

    First off let me say a few words about Alaska, WOW, UNBELIEVABLE, REMARKABLE, BEAUTIFUL.

    OK now for the report.

    4 of us stayed 5 nights (8/11/06 - 8/16/06) in a floating cabin in Simpson Bay. Rained off and on for most of the trip. Thats ok with me, a little water wont kill anyone, and wouldnt ruin this trip.

    Fished around Simpson bay in some of the creek mouths for salmon. Caught some pinks, and some dogs, but couldnt get the Silvers to bite. Fished a creek that leads up to Milton Lake. Caught a few more Pinks and Dogs (All released). Father and Unlce both finally hooked into 2 silvers. Tried for Halibuts around Hole in the Wall, and couple other places the Outfitter advised us top try with Cut bait, but nothing would stick but a few rock fish. Threw back a few, kept a few for the BBQ.

    Last day fishing was the best and strangest. Cousin was fishing off a point with a halibut rig, in hopes to catch one before the trip ends. While droping his line down, at about 25 feet he gets a hit. First thought was a rock fish. Due to numerous rock fish nibbles before. Upon reeling up his line, to his shock and amazment he had TWO salmon, one on each circle hook. Exited that he cauight two salmon he drops his line back down to 25 feet, slooow trols back to the spot he was at before. Then BAM another salmon on. Got his limit in like a half hour. Needless to say he relayed the message to my uncle and father, all of used this same technique (Halibut rigs, with cut bait) down 25 feet, and got almost full limit (1 fish shy).

    Total fish brought home 90 lb's, (45 lbs in two fish boxes). Pleanty of fish for us.

    A perfect ending to a LOOONNNGGG time planning (3+ years) vacation/retirement gift for my father.

    here are a few pic's of and from our cabin
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    Few more pics
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      Last set of pictures. Again this was my first trip to Alaska, and it was everything that I could ever dream of. I was fishing for 5 days, I caught 9 different species of fish. 3 species of Rock fish, 3 species of Flounders (1 Starry, on a salmon rotory killer, go figure) 3 species salmon. I saw otters, seals, Bald Eagles, Black Bears. Even though it did rain, fish dont care they still need to feed. I did all this while spending quality time with my Father and Uncle and cousin. First time all four of us have been on a fishing trip all together in like 10 years. Normaly its me, my father, and uncle.

      To anyone looking to take a fishing trip to Alaska, and is not sure if they want to spend the time and money. DO IT, DO IT SOON, This place is just breathtaking.


      Andy Simmons
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        Great news

        Now Andy, don't be giving Alaska away to everyone!! Just kidding! I am glad you had a great time up here. To be able to do it with family is icing on the cake. I often wonder if I were to just come up here on a vacation for a week or 2, what would I do? I have family come up almost every year and they want to see and do so much that it is hard to get everything in. I have found to try to limit it to a couple activities and thoroughly enjoy it. Sounds like you had a plan and that was to fish! Eric


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