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  • TSA uhhh!! losing firearms

    Checked on USAIR in PA than to Alaska Air in Vegas --Anchorage 1 bag out of 4 ---Three days later--- three bags out of four --last bag who knows???

    The "funny" part is the "lost" bag was the most valuable
    We figure 2500.00--- 2 handguns- 2 ross fly reels -fly rod --rain gear-etc.

    Called the local State boys (worthless #%$&*) they said not their concern-call the police where we flew from ---not their issue call the air port police at least they took a report about lost firearms.

    All in all an enlightening experiance about our "fine" police --cant wait till the knock on my door about why my handgun was used in a crime.

    The other handgun owner had to scream and yell in their face just to get worthless to type in the serial # to see if it was used yet---and another in his face to fill out a report that he reported it stolen!!!

    Could this be of interest to national security?? I WOULD THINK SO!!!

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    Hard luck loss...

    It was dismaying to read your post, and I am sorry to hear of your misfortune.
    The luck of the draw got you, and it happens to some of us at one time or another.

    Here's what I do, ahead of time, relative to flight transit.

    I never check my reels or rods. Instead, the rods are broken apart and carried onboard, and the reels are in my small rolling suitcase that fits in the overhead bin. Valuable things are in my possession, always.

    Seldom do I check a handgun. When I have to, I hold my breath. So far I have been lucky.

    But I was not lucky in my own home. I was burgled twice in 2005. In the first robbery I came in on the intruder and took that sucker down with a pair of garden lopping shears. He got eight years. In the second robbery, the theives tore apart my life and made off with numerous items including my fishing gear and handguns. What's my point relative to your post?

    Make sure you have an inventory of your belongings and have receipts. Make sure you carry insurance to protect them. Take the time to work all of this out ahead of time and work with your agent to protect you. It is the ounce of prevention that becomes the pound of cure should you ever take a hit.

    My regrets for your hard luck loss...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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      After reading this post, I am curious to know how many people have successfully packed handguns up to AK in there luggage. How did you do it?


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        I just brought two weapons up. They were both in a hard, locked gun case. One was an M-1 Garand and the other a .38 colt Detective Special that I inherited from my dad. Both made it, no problems at all. I have traveled with long guns and hand guns a number of times and have not had a problem, luck of the draw I guess. Since I retired from the military, I bought a gun safe and keep all the weapons in it. Also keep the other high value items and very important papers in it. Sorry for your lost author, getting your home buglarized feels worse that just the lose of the stuff, it feels like a major violation of my "world".


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          A friend of mine had a very expensive bag full o' stuff come up missing on a flight from Nome to Anchorage. He lost a float coat, two handguns, rechargeable Mag-lite, etc... He only had to deal with the airline (Alaska Air) and they replaced everything for him (new) with little to no trouble. ATF dealt with the report of the missing firearms. Eventually a local TSA agent (probably in Nome) will get what he deserves.

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            Packing a pistol in checked baggage requires that you have a hard shell lockable container for your handgun. At the counter you make your declaration that you are checking a pistol and the agent will examine it to make sure that it is unloaded, watch you lock the case, and then close your bag. Muntions can also go inside the suitcase, but they will have to be packed in their original box and not in the locked case.

            This is how it was the last time I checked a firearm and ammuntion. Beware!
            Things change! Call your carrier ahead of time if you are ever loaded for bear and find out the current regulations.

            "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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              What's worse, you can have stuff disappear FROM WITHIN bags bearing TSA approved locks, and TSA still ducks and covers. I lost some bullets for reloading while other shooting accessories remained in the same sack in my suitcase on an Alaska flight originating in Seattle.

              Half a dozen calls over six weeks to TSA in Seattle never got so much as a call back from my recorded messages. Calls to Anchorage let me talk to a friendly and sympathetic public service rep who said she would call Seattle and get back with meby phone or email. I talked to her four times over the same six weeks, and she never ONCE called me back.

              I stayed polite and quit calling after six weeks, because I sincerely don't want my name on a no-fly list. That would probably happen if I made a PITA of myself. TSA folks have you by the nuts any time there is a problem. A call to Senator Ted might help, but then again there are so many ways travelers with guns or gun accessories can get thoroughly scrawed over.
              "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
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                Here you go.


                Guns at O'Hare are disappearing, Firearms being stolen from checked bags

                By David Heinzmann and Josh Noel
                Tribune staff reporters

                August 14, 2006

                Several handguns have been stolen from bags checked by police officers, military personnel and others on United Airlines flights departing O'Hare International Airport, sparking concern that the weapons are loose in what is supposed to be a secure part of the airport.

                Since the beginning of the year, there have been "a handful" of firearm thefts from luggage being handled by United personnel, Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond said. Bags containing guns also have disappeared, authorities said.

                Read the entire story here >>>
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                brad g.
                So Cal, USA
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                  I was going to say that you got the luck of the draw this time until I saw the Chicago article.

                  I have been traveling with long guns almost monthly for many years now and never had a problem at all, not even lost for a short period of time. I do though fly out of a VERY small airport and personally know all of the TSA agents and the 5 American Airlines workers. I guess I have been very fortunate on all of my return flights home.

                  Very sorry to hear about the loss and I hope it all works out to your satisfaction.



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                    Originally posted by ysr_racer

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                    Ooops, sorry. I should have known better

                    Thanks for the help.
                    brad g.
                    So Cal, USA
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                      Haven't had a problem yet traveling with firearms, but my travel has been limited to mostly the local commuters in-state which are exempt from the Transportation Sturmabteilung monkeys.

                      However, on the two occassions I flew with AK Air with checked firearms, I was concerned about the TSA monkeys either losing, stealing or breaking into my cases until I picked them up at my destination.
                      Now what ?


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