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Egg Rigging ?

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  • Egg Rigging ?

    Can anyone give me a good explanation and show pics of how you all right your eggs... Size hook, how to seat the eggs etc.

    we were not planning on using eggs, but from what it says alot of fish are being caught on them. SO i most definately want to know how to rig them when i get there..

    Also, where to get the eggs.. Or do you just use the ones from salmon you catch etc


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    Buy the pre-tied, egg-loop, double hook rigs in 3/0 or 4/0 (I prefer 3/0). These rigs are snelled so that the line is fixed to the shank well below the hook eye. (It will be obvious as soon as you examine it)

    You push line down through the hook eye making a loop. The eggs themselves are interconnected by a membrane known as skein. When you cut off a blob of eggs they will be attached to the skein. Lay the blob inside the loop of the top hook and gently take up the slack...Voila'!

    Lob the blob and wait for the fish!!
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      I never use singal hooks for eggs unless treble hooks are illegal in the water I am fishing. Chances are if treble hooks are illegal so it bait. In waters I can use eggs I always use a treble hook. Off the top of my head I cannot state a size of hook, but something small enough to fit into the mouth of the specie you are fishing.

      As far as eggs I cure my own. Whatever I catch I keep the eggs and it only takes 1-2 days to cure. A 1:1 mix of salt and sugar will do the trick.


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        We just use the pre cut nylon netting squares sold in stores and make sacks with fresh eggs. tie off the top with a little fishing line. Then put the sack on a treble hook where legal. Works great with single hooks to. This stuff will not come off your hook. Can use the same sack for 2 fish many times. Bounce the spawn sack on the bottom in some current. Keep your tip up and if your line stops you are either on the bottom or a fish is gently gumming your spawn sack. (Sounds perverted)

        Almost like cheating using fresh eggs.

        Check the regs!!


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