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  • Thanks Rufus!

    I had the pleasure of fishing with Rufus and his family ealier this month out of Seward, it was great! His wife caught a HUGE silver and his son and daugher had bent rods all day! I hope you enjoyed your float on the Kenai and considering they opened the river back up, hopefully you got some lines wet for reds while you where there. My wife and I went to Sterling and did very well catching reds, it was fun watching her out fish me!
    The neatest part of the whole charter is we all got out fished by a NINE YEAR OLD! She was great. I hope you enjoyed you trip, come back and see us soon!

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    Hi, Sockeye Orange

    Good to hear from you. Yes, that was a fun charter. Everyone caught fish and we had a great bunch of people on board. We really enjoyed meeting you and your wife. Glad to hear you got into the reds in Sterling. We ended up turning a float for trout with Jason at Troutfitters into a day of salmon fishing above the Russian River area. I'd really recommend them to anyone, by the way. The kids ended up catching more fish than my wife and me, which was a blast.

    Everyone we have met in Alaska on our two trips has been exceptionally nice. We can't wait to get back up again, hopefully next summer. Perhaps we can coordinate for a morning of fishing - who knows? In the meantime, I'll have to settle for walleye and Lake Superior-run steelhead. Not bad, but certainly not like Alaska.


    By the way, is there any way to exchange personal email addresses on this web site?


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      Pm ...

      You can PM (Private Message) one another ....


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