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Valdez silver report

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  • Valdez silver report

    Anyone know where the silvers are at Valdez? Narrows? Shoup? Just got in from a sheep hunt and need to get the brother in law some fish to go along with the sheep meat.

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    From what im hearing there are silvers everywhere along with tons of rain. Im gearing up to go for a week myself.


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      The silvers are everywhere but there is more than tons of rain. Just got back with a cooler full of fish but I think it will take a week to dry out. Fished from the Harbor to a little ways beyond the narrows and they were hitting all the way.


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        I just got back with a cooler full of Silvers as well. Very rainy, but the water was good. We caught silvers in the bay and went out to Jack Bay. Cuaght about the same outside as inside. but less boats outside. Caught a couple around 15 lbs, real nice fish. John


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          Allison Point

          Anyone catching any silvers off of Allison Point yet? If not, any idea when they might be in? Thanks.


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            silvers and rain

            got in from Valdez last night. Picked up 24 fish in 2 tides. Fished between mineral and gold creek. Seemed still a little slow to me, but early yet. I would guess if you fished Allison Pt. right now you pick up a few, but not many fish.


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              Limited yesterday (2 people) in about 5 hours,fish very active and aggressive. Heavy rains all last night and today. Zero fish today, zip, nada. No hits at all. Charters were getting skunked or nearly so. Saw one fish landed among about 50 boats. Saw tons of fish on the sonar, but not hitting. Hope rain lets up, and fish start up again.


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                Valdez Silvers

                We were pot there Thu-Fri. 16 between the two of us. We fished between Gold Creek and Mineral Creek. The rain is really messing the water up lots of junk between Mineral Creek and the Barge. The fish are scattered but we did manage to get a few doubles. The shrimping was not the best (30 in two days). Even with a covered boat we got SOAKED. Also the run is nowhere near the peak. Males were 2 to 1 over the feamales. (At least in our boat)


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                  Rain, rain, rain. rain.......

                  Right now Cordova and Tatitlick are under small stream flooding warning. We are probably close as the rains are very bad.

                  I was out yesterday for 1-2 hours and nothing. One friend coming back got nothing too. Lots of silt and debris in the water from the Lowe River. It was almost up to the road then.

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                    Was in the water all saturday afternoon and got nothing. The water is full of silt and debris from the Lowe and Mineral Creek looking close to flood stage. We saw full sized cottonwood trees floating out in the bay sunday. Decided not to even bother dropping a line in. Checked out the icebergs at shoup at left.


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