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Little Willow and Willow Creek

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  • Little Willow and Willow Creek

    I have been considering running up to Willow or Little Willow for Silvers this weekend. Can anyone give me an update on the fishing conditions? Number of fish? Water conditions, etc?

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    The creeks are at flood stage right now. All the rain has blown them out of their banks pretty much. High and rolling muddy conditions. Probably will take several days to clear up, IF it stops raining.
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      Thanks, that is what I was afraid of.


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        I just drove past Willow Creek up by the hwy today. The area looks like Katrina just came through. Water level is up past the campground and heading directly towards the lodge. I saw Dive & Rescue up there pulling people out of their flooded house.


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          We spent most the day up north, checking on family in Trapper creek and whatnot. If you dont NEED to go anywhere near these area's we suggest you stay home. Houston was flooded when we came back down this evening, Little Su finaly did its thing sometime this afternoon.
          We ate at the Willow lodge, they have it pretty well under control there but it was still exciting.. all the rivers, creeks etc are muddy, running VERY fast and look dangerous. If anyone wants updates here is a good webpage PLEASE adhear to their requests, they are not making this stuff up. Stay safe everyone!

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