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  • Recent Fishing Report In Anchorage!

    Hello, well, I finally get to go back!! I've been counting the weeks, then days, and now hours, will be there thurs. night!!!

    The main focus is to visit family, see how big the kids are,,,,,,,,,,but it's also my goal to get my overworked brother out of the office and do some fishing!!!!!!!!! We were hoping to stay close to Anchorage for most of our fishing.

    I just hoped someone could give me some info on how the runs are going, or which rivers to hit or avoid??

    the ADFG website is a help, but very general, I would love to get some first hand info.

    Thanks for any and all advise you can give me, I really appreciate it!!! Can't wait, its going to be a long workweek!!!!!!!

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    I'm not familiar with the Anchorage fisheries or Ship Creek. Eklutna Tailrace has been producing silvers. A co-worker and two friends limited on Silvers at Willow last weekend, but it has been raining. Water conditions will be a big question mark. Jim Creek has been producing some fish, but again with the rain it is a tough, tough trail to ride. If you have time you may want to drive to Talkeetna, jump on Tri Rivers and get a drop off at Clear Creek. That is always a fun trip and Silvers are typically awesome up there.


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      thanks kaveman, I've never been up there, but have always wanted to go, might just have to do it, but other posts has me worried about the water levels, maybe it will clear up in a week


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