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  • Halibut Charter in Homer????

    Ok i know there is tons of adds out there for halibut charters in homer and the area.. Ive called a few, and they say that they are not doing charters when we are there...

    So i need some more info from you guys and gulls..

    We are coming down sept 5th, for 10 days... or around that anyways..

    We want to fish halibut for one day.. We just want to catch fish, i dont care if we bring home 40#s of fillets or 100... Just so we bring some back and have the experience.

    What are you guys opinions on the most affordable and best boats to fish on...

    Should we do a half day charter, or a full day..

    I dont know how the half day ones work, very little info on that... But if we can go half day for $90 and catch a limit for the two of us of smaller fish.. Im all for that.. In fact, wouldnt mind douing two half days, If we catch fish

    Also, since we are fishign in early sept.. Should we book, or just go to the docks a day or two before, check weather and then find a boat

    Please let me know guys


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    late halibut

    i did a charter last year about the 2nd week of sept. not a single nibble from the halibut. did catch a few silvers. practically had to tie ourselves to the railing the whole time to keep from going over. guess that's why most don't do late halibut runs. Eric


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      oh forget the gulls, just because we say guys doesn't mean we need to include a woman. never feel ashamed. it's the radical feminist movement that has put fear into the human race and with all the pc talk that has saturated this subject now men have been feminized. haha!


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        There are pros and cons to Half day charters. Half day charters will fish one of the tide changes then take you in and get another group to fish the next tide change. The only place I personally have run into those was at Deep Creek where tide effects your fishing immensly. They seem to take you to where they know the fish are, chicken holes. I've only gone on one, I tend to try and avoid them. The biggest we caught was one about 45 pounds, the rest that we kept were in the 20 pound range, there's time pressure so small ones that might get thrown back on a full day charter are kept because of the limited fishing time. And they usually charge full price. Give Capt. Pete a call, he runs a good outfit and may help. He's listed in this site's services section.


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          Most of the boats in Homer run out pretty far, so I don't know if they offer 1/2 day charters. The butts will be starting to head back out towards the Gulf, so I'd imagine you might not have as much luck close in. For my money I'd go for an all day trip, simply too many miles to run in a 1/2 day and you aren't going to have time to try many spots if they aren't biting.

          Last time out I went with Lucky Pierres, and we had a great time. No big fish, but everyone had something in the 20-30# range, and one 60 pounder. I think I caught about 20 fish, kept throwing them back looking for a hog for my 2nd one. They worked pretty hard, we hit about 5 different spots before we finally got a hole with a good bite. They run a Delta, so there are 18 folks on boat.

          I'm headed out with them again this Friday and will report back how we did.
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            I went on a half-day charter with Rainbow tours a few weeks ago. It may not be as good in mid-Sept., but when we were there we couldn't hit the bottom without having a fish on. I caught and released 10 or 12 before I kept two. The bummer, of course, was that my two biggest fish were about 20 pounds. That being said, we were just trying to put some out-of-state relatives on some fish...mission accomplished. The other bummer was that there were 18 people fishing on the boat. It was a big boat, but kind of a zoo. I spend most summers commercial fishing for halibut on our own 37 foot boat, so I'm not used to that kind of approach. Again, though, for getting into fish and saving half the price ($90), it was not a bad way to go about it.



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              Capt. Tony who runs Falcon Charters knows where to take you to the big one's. His boat won the derby 2 yrs ago. I made reservations then had to cancel due to my $43,000 ford F250 crew cab lariat diesel FX4 with 7k miles throwing it's Ford fit with 5 leaking injectors. im glad i got rid of that pile of crap. It caused me also to quit the seward silver derby after only 1 day of fishing in '04 when the 2nd batch of injectors went sour. After reading how much money ford spent on shop repair work in an issue of auto insider through detroit news about ford disgusting commitment to us as consumers with lousy suppliers and of the fact that 80% of their shop work is all warranty related, and their lousy firestone tire problem never again will i buy a ford product. In 9 yrs of owning ford trucks I made 11 warranty trips. in 14 yrs with Nissan I made only 1.


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                Falcon Charters

                Looks like Tony is gonna win it again this year too.

                I've used him 3x and he has always done right be me.


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                  I second your response towards Nissan trucks. Own a Titan and love it. A little ugly but it's the performance that counts.


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