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interior fishing question from deployed dad

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  • interior fishing question from deployed dad

    good morning all,
    in a few days my daughter is having her 9th b'day. she hasn't been fishing for a year since i've been here in iraq and she told me she wants to go. unfortunately, with our extension, i won't be back ti'll the end of the year. i was thinking about getting her on a fly-in pike trip to the minto flats. i think she would have a great time with that. since i've only gone in there on my own, i don't know who's recommended for day or half-day fly in. so what i was hoping to get was a fair recommendation for someone going out of fairbanks. much thanks in advance for any help in her/my behalf.

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    I wish I could help you out but I am down on the Kenai. I just wanted to say thanks for your service and sacrifice. It is greatly appreciated and come home safe.


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      I'm no help either. I'm from the Mat Su Valley area, but as a veteran I wanted to thank your family for their sacrifice while your deployed and thank you for your service. Your duty is greatly appreciated


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