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Silvers in muddy water

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  • Silvers in muddy water

    WIth all the recent rain, the water is once again getting pretty muddy in the area rivers. Any thoughts from all you silver slayers as to methods to catch them in muddy conditions? We have found that when it gets muddy, they pretty much shut down with current methods. We usually use eggs either on a bobber or bottom and vibrax. Is it worth fishing? Ship/Little Su is where I am referring. My buddy called a few minutes ago and they are currently have 0 in the box on the little su.

    Thanks in advance, Gooch
    Prince of Wales Island

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    silvers in little Su..

    just flew over the little Su a few hours ago, a few miles above the burma landing and the water was still low and clear. I've always found that a little "dirty water" is actually good for silver fishing with bait. I've caught silvers on all the Cook Inlet streams (at the mouths at high tide) with bait and had nothing but great success.


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