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  • Winging it with Skates...

    Since there has been some talk of late of puting dogfish and skates to the blade, I thought I'd let you in a little secret if you want to try eating skates. (and yes, they are very tasty)

    The easiest way to garner flesh from a skate is not with a knife, but instead hatchet and pipe. The hatchet allows you to remove the wings with relative ease while onboard. Chop them off, toss the carcass, and store on ice.

    The pipe is simply a heavy hollow spud. Find a six footer with an interior diameter of an inch or two inches and use a file to sharpen an end.
    Slam this into your wings much the same way you would use a spud to chop a hole in the ice. (just be sure to have an old board under the wings that are nailed onto it) You'll find your pipe will produce uniform sized bites; all you have to do is trim the skin. Slam it hard and out they come.

    Prepare them just like scallops. And yes, your deductive thinking is now correct. If you've ever been served scallops that were all uniform in size, chances are good that it was exactly what I have now let you in on...
    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"

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    I suggest a board underneath the hatchet too!!! <grin>

    I've never hatcheted a fish b4. I do have one on the boat at times for busting up pieces of glacier ice that we pick up for the cooler.



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      Skate is a delicacy where I came from, so I was surprised to hear so many toss 'em back. The previous post was right on that they taste like scallops. Toss the meat onto the grill for a quick sear, and then dip in butter.

      There's also one very easy way to tell if you're being served scallops or skate. A scallop will have the grain of the muscle going from top to bottom. A skate cut into scallop-looking pieces will have the grain of the muscle going side to side.


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        My wife does wonders with them. Anyone out there who considers them trash fish please post the best spots for them and when I get my boat I'll do my best to remove the nuisance


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