Question about using egg beads and Flesh Fly's



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  • Question about using egg beads and Flesh Fly's

    I am headed to the Kenai 1st of September than over to the standard Russian, Anchor and Ninilchik.

    I was wondering about flies, I have been told to just grab a bunch of yarn with a circle hook and tie them on to use for flesh flies? Does that sound right, also what colors?

    Eggs, should I just buy a ton of egg beads and color them (red/green/pink etc..) or just buy a bunch? Also can I just put the beads above the hook and tie on to my fly line? Thanks

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    buy some pink or red beads and bring some paint along with you. when you get to the river and see the fish eggs floating down the river, just try to imitate those with the paint.


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      The beads typically get pegged 2" above the hook on the leader. Check the regs, what's allowable is different from stream to stream and by the calendar for the Russian. Most beads start w/ an orange, pink, red, or brownish base and paint or nailpolish is added to match the hatch. Once on the river, look for the eggs and pick the bead that comes closest. I'd just pick up a bunch of prepainted ones in Anchorage or Cooper Landing.

      The most basic flesh flies are tied w/ bunny fur that is palmered around the hook. Colors are typically white, ginger, peach. There's a million variations on flesh. I haven't the yarn/circle hook technique. Depending on the yarn, I suppose it would work...


      • #4 good selection, little if no painting required....

        Mountain View Sports in Anchorage has a knowledgable staff, LOTS of fleshie's...Stop in, buy a few and politely ask a few strategic questions....can't go wrong there...
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          Thought I'd post this here as well.

          I have found that big and obnoxious flesh flies of the bunny persuasion, with a weighted head, work best. You should have pattern's in complete white, light yellow, light pink, and light orange (for starters). Yarn and a hook? If you want to risk wasting your time, try it out-- but I would go with some back-up tied flies.
          As for beeds -- buying them and painting them is fine and somewhat fun -- have to raid the wife's fingernail polish collection or buy your own and risk that questionable look from the sales clerk. Although there is considerable dispute on color (whether fish actually distinguish or just bite on instinct any round object floating at the right speed). Personally, I believe color does matter, esp. in high pressure fisheries (Kenai/Russian). Stick with pale and opaque colors with the ocassional bright/clear color. (Check out Trout Fitters down on the Kenai for some good examples). Make sure to get several sizes as well (6mm-12mm) Bottom line -- give yourself options and see what works.

          For info on where to place your bead consult the regulations and see my last thread on this subject (Beads are not flies for purposes of "fly- only" waters).


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