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Big Lake Open?

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  • Big Lake Open?

    Just Wanted To Check If Big Lake Is Open To Boating Yet?

    Cant Wait To Hit Those Reinbow.

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    Big Lake

    Last sunday (7th) we went out there with the boat and it was still really frozen. But with the warmer weather it may be open by now? Maybe call one of the campsites or biz's out there before driving... good luck, keep us posted, I have never fished big lake, any ideas?


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      big lake

      last year i took two 17 inch rainbows using a rooster tail. i just trolled along the shore as slow as my 75 merc could go. it was till a bit fast but manage to bring home two decent fish. it was middle to late may when i went last year.


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        Not Out Yet

        Was at Big Lake on Thursday. Most of the Lake is still solid. Sorry.


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          Was at Burkeshore Marine on Saturday. Mostly iced over, but a fair amount open and should be much better any day now.


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            thanks, i cant wait


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              Was at Burkshore Marina yesterday and there was not ice to be seen. They were launching boats
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                awsome, thank im there... how about the public launch? is it clear?


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                  big lake, trout

                  went to big lake yesterday, "friday" caught one lake trout about 20 inches and one small rainbow about 15 inches. the lake is beautiful and there are lots of boaters in the water. caught both fish n the same spot in 9 feet of water in some weed beds.i was using a black roster tail for the rainbow and a #2 vibrex bright oragne for the lake trout. the fish will be near the shore feeding untill the lake temp warms up then they will go deeper. all in all a sucsessfull day at the lake for 4 hours on the water. i was real suprised to catch the laker but now i know they are in there!


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