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Need a recommendation for tomorrow

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  • alaskanfishguides
    Kenai Float

    Several options:

    Skilak to Bings
    Bings to Moose (short section of rapids at Naptowne, just above the Moose)
    Moose to Swiftwater or Centennial

    Expect to see some traffic around Bings and above, like around the Kenai Keys, but should be a great float.

    Good luck

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  • wildog
    started a topic Need a recommendation for tomorrow

    Need a recommendation for tomorrow

    Fellow fishermen:
    I am heading down the Sterling highway tomorrow taking my teenage daughter, I'll be towing my drift boat. I'd like to do something different than the usual Coopers to Jim's landing, not that it's a bad thing, I would just like to do something different, like the Sterling area. I'd like to intercept some reds and silvers. Can someone recommend a nice day float from say, Sterling area down? (I think that's Moose river put-in). Thanks in advance.

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