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  • Codova Trip FINALLY

    Well after long planning my first trip to Alaska is almost here. Will be heading out this Thursday for 5 nights 6 days. Will be statying in a cabin in Simpson Bay, and have access to boat and motor. Have spinning reels and trout p[oles and salmon poles (8' 5" Ugly Stick) with muliple colors of Pixxe's and vibrex spinners.

    Any other last minute advise, any tips or fishing reports for in or around Simpson or Sheeps Bay.

    Question. I have some dodgers, and one pink lady that I used for trout. Would those be good to bring along for salmon.

    Looks like its going to rain the whole time we are there, Should this effect the salmon fishing at all?

    Will post report and pics when I return

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    Rain and Fish

    Though not traveled to Cordova, I can tell you this about salmon,
    "Rain or shine, if you're there when they're there, they are yours!"

    Rain might dimple the water in your ability to see what's down below, but if your presentation is right, the weather does not seem to defray the bite.

    This is my generalization based on my experiences in fishing for salmon. The largest chum I ever caught was in a wind-driven pouring nightmare. I had to be nuts to be out, but hey, I was a newcomer in Alaska and the locals were wailing them, too, and I was not about to quit.

    I am glad I didn't...
    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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      great trip

      i'd bring a halibut rod too, and some jigs for it. is the cabin you're staying in a private place? i did'nt know there was a forest service cabin in simpson bay.


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        The cabin is a floating cabin through a outfitter. The outfitter said they do supply halibut rods, and bait.


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          could you post their name and phone?

          i'd like to look into that myself.


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            fish around hole in the wall, I don't think trolling works well in that area, fish in and around creek mouths, two hours before high tide, use #5 vribrax's hot pink and silver work best. Be real careful going to Sheeps Bay, be on the look out for rocks, even when it look like you are in deep water, some silvers at Sheeps but not many,pinks and chums.

            You can find halibut in most areas, look for drop offs and fish slope, fish right in front of hole in the wall good area. I have been fishing that area for the last 20yrs.

            I will be in Garvina bay and Bear trap bay Aug 25th this is next bay over from Sheeps. Make sure you get a map of the area from Dan or Katie.


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              Heading to Cordova

              While there you should check out the town & drive out the road to Childs Glacier there are places to fish for silvers along the road and the glacier is spectacular. This will be the third year my husband & I have gone to Cordova. We will be arriving on the 15th, just about the time you are leaving. I can't wait to get there. Have fun!


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