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    I've been to Alaska twice. Most recently with my cousin in 2005. We had a good time on the Kenai. Combat fished at the Russian/Kenai confluence, hiked and camped at Lower Russian Lake, and hitchiked to Homer and caught a 90 pound halibut. Anyway, we are going back in '08. We'd like to get dumped of somewhere remote for 4-5 days to fish for salmon and whatever else, either by boat or plane. I've been trying to research bush planes, but most of the sites cater to "guided" day fishing or dump you off at lodges. We travel on the cheap and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to budget it in. Can you get someone in a boat to bring you a few hours up a river to get away from people or does anyone know of reasonable plane fares that dump people off in the middle of nowhere? Preferably out of Anchorage since that is where we're flying into. Half the trip, 6-7 days, will be renting a car and driving other places so I'd hate to have to drive somewhere and let the rental sit while we are away. Any help or similar experiences would be appreciated. Been dreaming of Alaska since we flew out last July. '08 seems like an eternity.

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    try talkeetna

    There is a river boat service in talkeetna that will take you up to clear creek for king salmon. mid-late June/early July is best.


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      Trail Ridge Air will also drop off do it yourself fishermen (and women). Thier web site is:


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        Another Consideration

        Boat and Plane drop-offs are a good way to escape the crowds, but limit you a little as to the fishing location and fish run-timing.

        If you are not totally against flying in and floating in a raft, check out the videos in the bookstore on this site for an unguided, low cost, float trip on the Talachulitna River and/or Lake Creek.

        Huge benefits to floating vs drop-off in that you get to pick the camping spot and fishing holes along with the opportunity to float into the peak of the run and then do some serious catching!

        Good Luck!


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          Thank you all for the advice.


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