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Tutka bay halibut??

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  • Tutka bay halibut??

    Can anyone tell me where you fish for butts ie, depth and maybe a proximity to where I could catch a few in the vicinity of Tutka Bay?? Thanks ahead of time. Z
    There's plenty of room for all Gods creatures; right next to the mashed potatoes!

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    halibut are where you find them :-)

    Did you really want people to give out there secret holes over the internet?
    I mean open water is one thing, but Eldridge Passage is pretty tight quarters to be be sharing hot spots.


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      plenty of fish in the sea

      When trying in & around Tutka here are a couple spots that have worked at certain times.
      1st one is almost dead center of the channel under the powerlines. Usually there will be one another boat or two that will pull up & try it around tide changes as well. Start above the powerlines & drift to a bit below them.
      The next area to try is a bit farther down the bay, there will be a lagoon enterance on your right side ( it can be accessed at high tides as pinks are hatchery raised & return in July ). Sometimes while awaiting the high tide the pinks will stack up outside the arm & there are usually a few butts hanging out here eating salmon parts. I would say just ahead of the enterence & split the diff between the center of the channel & the lagoon enterance.
      Last spot to try when leaving Tutka bay is off Hesketh Island. You want to be to on the west, side of it.
      For $10 you can buy a kachemak bay state park map that shows all these & is great to have for reference of others parts of the bay.


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