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Where to dipnet on the Kenai

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  • Where to dipnet on the Kenai

    I have not dipped the kenai and was wondering where it is you go to do this on that river that is best for getting fish? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know I should put this in the dipnetting forum, but a lot more people seem to come onto this board here. Thanks in advance.
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    North side . . .

    We always dip the north side of the river. Can't remember the name of the road where you turn down to the beach, but drive into town and ask anyone. It's just on the far side of town, just past the visitor's center. Good luck. . .


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      street names

      Look for Spruce st. First street passed the visitor center. Make left & down the hill. Good parking area for cars & campers.
      To get to the other side of the river.
      From Kenai go across the Warren Ames bridge & make a right on K-beach rd

      2. 7 miles to Cannery rd & make right, go to the end of the rd & then left to to the small parking area. I believe the signs are still up. You will need a 4 wheel drive or 4 wheeler to get to the mouth. A mile or so. You have a lot of people on either side & but you'll catch.
      From Soldotna make a right at K-beach rd down to cannery rd. approx 8 miles.
      You pay on either side.Dave


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        Is the dipping generally better on one shore or the other? I have a four wheel drive Explorer (SUV) so I imagine I could get to either beach fairly easily.
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