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  • Minto Flats

    Is there anyone out there that has had a quality experience on one of the fly in fishing trips to Minto Flats? If i could get some feedback and recomendations, that would be great. Thanks

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    Spotty fishing

    The pike fishery in Minto is very spotty these days, a hit and a miss. Some say it is the result of a survey the ADFG Biologist did, using shockers to bring up fish to sample, a couple of years ago. Locals say they found hundreds if not thousands of dead fish following ADFG's collection trip. I am not sure if this is totally acturate, however, some of the old dependable spots stopped producing.


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      hike in possibility?

      I've got satellite imagery showing the Murphy's Road dome road within about 2.5 miles of Minto Lakes. My questions... Has anyone used this road to access the flats? Is the road passable? How tough would the hike be? Thanks.


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        I've driven the road down to the Chatanika and it's a lot further off than 2.5 miles to the flats. I don't know of any road that you can drive or hike on that will take you to Minto Flats and if there was one, it would be a long difficult trail at best.


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          Not sure of how it is now but years ago we went there to fish for pike and it was awesome. Details are sketchy as to where we parked ( I am getting old)but we learned a lesson, do not leave a vehicle parked there over night. People broke into it and trashed it.


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            Murphy Dome road and hiking to the lakes

            The road is rough and unmaintained. Hiking in the area is not recommended due to the nature of the terrain, it is very wet. People access the flats from New Minto Village by boat, and some boat downstream on the Chatinika. Flying in is perferable, Rick Gold in Fairbanks takes people in, he has a cabin or two near the lakes.


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              thanks for the info folks.


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