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  • Whittier halibut charter

    I am getting a group together and I have 2 spots to fill. The charter is called 'Rich Adventures" and I have gone with them once allready this year. I limited on reds, halibut, and yelloweye. My biggest halibut was 40 with the biggest on our boat at 65. I tried to go with a group last saturday but it was all booked by the time I talked to my buddy. They caught a 110,80,65,35 lb set of halibuts. And almost limited on silvers. They also got one ling cod around 45 inches and there was several women on board who have never fished before. The price for the boat is 800 total between 6 of us, I allready have 4 spots filled. We have a choice of either august 13 or the 20th and I prefer the 13th. Thats only about 135 each plus tip. My vehicle is pretty full so you will need to meet us in Whittier. Oh yeah he also has 5 or 6 shrimp pots we can pull at the end of the day. Email me at for any more info. I have several friends that are still "thinking about it" so get back to me before they do I just want to get this booked.

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    Grizzly: I sent you an email. If you still need to fill a spot, let me know

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