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Wheres the hot spot for trout in anchorage

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  • Wheres the hot spot for trout in anchorage

    Im looking to do a little trout fishing after work. Just wonder if there is any creeks or lakes where the trout fishing is good.

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    I haven't fished it yet, but I've seen some lunkers in Ship Creek up above the dam. If you park where the bridge crosses right by the hatchery and walk downstream, you'll see them laying in there with the old kings waiting for eggs to float downstream.

    Campbell Creek can be another good option accessed off of Campbell Airstrip Road, but there are plenty of bears in there.

    Good luck!



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      ship creek/campbell creek

      i made my way up to ship creek the other day and it was a joke. it was crowded and some were even trying to snag fish. didnt see any silvers while i was there but there was a few around. just saw some pinks around. however, i would like to do some fishing in campbell creek. does any1 have any suggestions on trout fishing in campbell creek? and whats the deal on silvers in there?


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        I don't think you went up high enough on Ship. If you are looking for Rainbows, the fishing for them is above where you can fish for silvers.


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