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  • Anchor point\Fairbanks fishing

    I have been reading nearly every post for the last month and the fourm members are very helpful and a great source of information. I will be in Anchor Point around the 20th of Aug. and was looking for some info. We will be targeting bow's, silvers, and Dollies, which rivers should we try and which flys\Lures should I bring or buy? I will also be in Fairbanks later and was wondering where to try for some Grayling, bow's, Dollies, and silvers? And one more question, Has anyone heard anything about the quality of a fly out trip to Minto flats? Any information is greatly apreciated.. Thanks

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    Fishing the Anchor. . .

    At the Anchor, stop in at the Anchor Angler to find out what's biting and on what. There should be some steelhead in then all c&r and dollies. Silvers may be done then, don't know. Good luck, and use enough rod to play the steelhead quickly.


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      If you know someone with access to a river boat you can get to Minto Flats by way of the Chatanika River. Go about 45 minutes or so and you'll see Godlstream Creek on the left, go up Goldstream and it will take you into the flats. There are several old canvas type cabins and a shed with some baots in it on the right bank that belongs to a fellow that flies people into the flats but I don't know who he is. The pike fishing is phenomenal in the flats and you'll catch them until your arms fall off, they will hit anything you throw at them. We also caught some big pike at the confluence of Goldstream and the Chatanika.


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        Anchor Info


        Here's some additional info on the Anchor. The silvers have not arrived in any decent numbers on the Lower KP streams yet, so there's a good chance you'll hit the coho run in very good shape. The fish have been late the last several years, with the peak coming toward the end of August to the first week of September, but 2004 & 2005 were abnormal years. I think the third week of August is probably just about right for catching the peak of the run. Here's a link to the Anchor weir count.

        Marcus is right that there will be some steelhead in the river, so it's important to brush up on your fish identification. Steelhead and rainbows cannot be removed from the water (not even for a quick picture). Everytime I catch a silver in the fall I look at it a half dozen times before adding it to my creel. Sure don't want to bonk a steelhead.

        The upper portion of the stream (above the confluence) opened today. Dolly fishing should be very good upstream. They have already keyed in on king eggs, so it's pretty difficult to get them to hit anything but a good egg pattern. I've tried the last several weekends to coax them into hitting nymphs, streamers and dries, but they have made it extremely clear that they like eggs. Drifting a bead right now is by far the most productive method. There are some really nice dollies in the lower peninsula streams.

        As Marcus suggested, definitely stop by the Anchor Angler. I believe Mr. Harrington is enjoying his first summer of retirement, but his son is always very helpful.

        Don't have any magic fly patterns for you. I usually end up using woolly buggers or ESL's most of the time for silvers. Just make sure you have a variety of colors, sizes and weights for varying water clarity and light conditions.

        Good luck,



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