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  • Shipping fish

    We went to the ups store and shipped our luggage back home and took our fish home as part of of our luggage. We brought back three coolers of froze fish that weighted 50lbs each, and three fish boxes that also weighted 50lbs each. We flew from Anchorage to Los Vegas to Philly, Pa. to Raleigh, N.C. When we arrived our fish was nowhere to be found! We filed a lost claim with the airport. After spending over eight hours at the airport trying to locate the fish (with very little help from the airport) we left for home without the fish. I left my cell phone number with the airport and they called me about 40 miles up the road and said they had our fish at the airport. We turned around and got our fish. When we got home our fish had been in those containers for about 33 hours. The fish was not froze solid but was still froze enough till it was not hurt at all. Could not tell any difference in the cardboard fish boxes and the coolers.

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    Talk about the "catch that almost got away!"

    I was pleased to hear that what you worked so hard for, ultimately wound up back where it deservedly belonged...
    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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      Glad you got everything back, it would have been heartbreaking to have lost it all. For those shipping, Good old Fred Meyers is having a sale on the styrofoam insulated card board fish boxes at the moment, or at least the one on Dimond and Victor in Anchorage is. The "60 lb" box is 14.99. The smaller one was less then 10.


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        Fish Boxes Are Great

        I am an An Alaskan whose been serving in the Air Force for almost 27 years now (almost time to retire and come home). I fly home to visit family and fish every year. The styrofoam and cardboard fish boxes work great. I've checked them as baggage to destinations all over the US and they have never failed me.


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          Does everyone think that coolers and fish boxes are about equal in keeping fish frozen?

          If frozen well, how long will it last until it thaws?


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            I prefer boxes

            Ripper - I prefer the boxes. I can't prove it but my felling is that the fish stay frozen longer (I've tried both). I've had fish in the boxes for as long as 20 hours and still gotten them to the house at the other end frozen solid. It is important though to make sure that your box size is no larger than needed for the salmon you have. If there is muc empty space it seems to thaw faster.


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              Fish Boxes vs. Coolers

              As I stated in my earler post there was six in our party, and three shipped in boxes three shipped in coolers. We could not tell any difference between the boxes and coolers. Our fish was in transit about 33 hours. All fish was frozen hard, vaccum packed. All empty space was filled up with newspapper (very little empty space ) and the lids and box flaps were taped down. The fish was just beginning to to thaw at the edges when we got home.


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                Mail it..........

                I used to ship fish home to to my parents in the lower 48.
                I used a plain ole cardboard box.
                Fish was vacuum sealed.........I put a layer of newspaper on the bottom a plastic bag (steel sack) in the box then packed it full of fish closed and taped the plastic bag shut, layer of newspaper over the top........took it to the post office and express mailed it.........

                It cost a little more than extra baggage on an airplane but it was delivered to their door in 24 hours and was always frozen when it showed up......

                I think the limit on weight is 75 pounds

                Another good option for locals is to keep an eye at garage sales for medium size coolers........ pick one up for $3-5 and use it instead of a box


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                  Shipping Fish

                  The two best ways to ship a box of fish are Alaska Airline's Goldstreak and Goldrush services. They are much cheaper than USPS, DHL, FedEx, or UPS.

                  Goldstreak requires that you are a "known shipper." This simply requires filling out a form and providing a utility bill or phone bill verifying your residence, but can take up to three weeks to process. For instance, I can ship for 85 cents a pound to San Francisco using Goldstreak, but the receiving party has to pick up the package, and the minimum charge is $65.

                  Goldrush requires that you drop off your package by 11:00 a.m., which is the time that FedEx comes by to pick up all the Goldrush packages for shipping. Then, FedEx ships the package AND delivers it to the final destination. Going to FedEx directly costs $160 for 50 lbs, but Goldrush only costs $105, and you are essentialy getting the same service.


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