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1st trip to Alaska

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  • 1st trip to Alaska

    I just returned home Sunday, July 30th from my first trip to Alaska. I could not belive all the beauty Alaska has to offer! We flew in to Anchorage in the early morning hours of July 22nd, Saturday morning. We rented a van at the airport and drove to Soldotna. We purchased our fishing license, then tried to learn a little about the area. The next day we had a fly out trip to Wolverine lake. There we caught silvers, saw bear,eagles, and some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever saw. We flew out with High Adventures guide service, and our guides name was Jeramy. they were true professionals and could not of done a better job! We were very pleased. The next day we limited out on reds. The next day we had a guide trip for kings. I caught a 45lb king, and another guy in our party caught a 45lb king also. The next day we had a halibut trip out of Homer, on Northern Lights. There was five in our party and six in another party that our outfitter had booked on this trip. All eleven limited out fairly quick with some very nice fish. The next day we fished on our own with limited success. The next day we had a king trip with the same guide, and another 45lb,and a 30lb king. We had the time of our life even with the closing of the red season part of the week. Our outfitter, and all our guides were top notch, used nothing but the best of equipment. Out of time now, will post more information latter.

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    Good for you and your friends. Alaska truly is a great place to visit and experience.


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      When you come back for Halibut...

      Try ProFish-N-Sea (Capt. Steve Zernia) in Seward. It is a must do trip, but you need to book in advance as his boats fill fast. I would also charter for at least 2 or 3 days in a row just to give you an edge on any nasty wethaer surprises.

      I've fish with a lot of charters in Seward and there are many good ones, but for my money i'll stick with ProFish-N-Sea and some of the best and most easygoing Captains to ply the waters in search of giant halibut! just a suggestion. happy fishing.
      John Heron


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