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Fishing and Lodging in Kasilof

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  • Fishing and Lodging in Kasilof

    My flyfishing husband and I plan to come to Alaska next June, and I am overwhelmed by the number of places and guides. I have spent hours looking online and finally decided that Fergie's Alaskan Charters on the Kasilof river looks good for a 7-8 day package with 4 fishing trips, but we can't find any references to this lodge. Any comments or suggestions? And please be nice...we're tourists but we are also outdoors people and we will leave your great state as we found it. Thanks.

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    Another idea. . .

    Can't help you with any information on "Fergie's." Never heard of them, but that doesn't count for much. If I were interested in fishing the Kasilof, I'd contact Bob Ball of Piscatorial Pursuits for information, ideas, and options:


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      I try to make a habit of not mentioning others in my posts That being said, myself and our 2nd boat are the two longest full-time Kasilof guides working the river ... usually you don't stay around in this business for that many years without doing something right

      While the Kasilof doesn't afford steady fly action because of the glacial waters, I offer the only boat in the fleet that runs fly tackle (while bouncing) for every Kasilof silver trip.

      You can read more about what we have to offer at

      Feel free to email us with any questions that you might have.


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        I second the vote for Bob, wow, Marcus and I agree on one something. Bob runs a class operation and nobody knows the Kasilof better.
        I also fish the Kenai a lot and the Kasilof a little and have not heard of that operation. I would go with Bob, I have had a few friends come up and have had a great time with Bob.


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          I would go with Bob too!

          Bob knows what he's doing and believe me there are guides that don't.


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            Thanks for the referrals.

            Wow. Everyone loves Bob so I am checking the website immediately!



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