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Pike on Top Water Plugs/Rapala's ??

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  • Pike on Top Water Plugs/Rapala's ??

    I might be heading up to Fire lake tomorrow(12th) and wondering if anyone has had any luck with a top water lures? Back home in New Mexico we could catch giant pike all day with a chug bug or some type or noise Rapala. Just wondering if its the same. If not what would you recommend?

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    I fished with rapalas and daredevils in MN forever, I would defiantley give the rapalas a try. Find one that looks like a pike if you can they love to eat each other.


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      Out here in Bethel we use Buzz Baits and Spinner Baits. Like to refer to the Buzz Baits as alarm clocks because they wake up everything in the area being fished. We have also use rubber floating frogs.


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        Chug bugs

        I have had good success on other lakes besides Fire with chug bugs. I use a 4" model that is a brown camo color. I cast it out, let sit for a 10 count and hit it once hard, that will get a response if there are any pike near. They hit is like a freight train. Make sure they have it or you will miss them.

        I want to try a cigar bait like a Zara Spook but never took the time.

        Best thing that I have found is a 5-7 inch, 2 hook, rabbit hair leach. Purple/white, black/white or red/white with a bit of flash and a cone head. They last forever!!!! I have caught over 300 pike on a 3 day weekend fly in and the fly is still ready to fish.

        The mice from Mt View are also awesome but do not last very long. They unravel after just a few fish. I use them where there is a chance of large trout also.
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          Lower Fire Lake

          I have never had much luck after ice out down on Fire Lake. To me it seems the pike are still deep. Once the weedbeds thicken up they make their way to shallow water.

          Next weekend I might take the family down to Fire lake and do some fishing. This time I am going to troll in some deep water with a spoon.


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            Thanks for the fast replys. I will definitly run to walmart and stock up on some lures.


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              pike on topwater

              Pike go crazy for topwater, at least here in Minnesota. They go for big muskie prop baits all the way down to small bass-sized buzzbaits. Two years ago I had several 30, 40, and one 50" class pike go insane over a small, white buzzbait. I missed several of them because I had no stinger hook (highly recommended). They clobber topwater prop baits of all sizes and even walk-the-dog type lures. They even slay the topwater plastics, like frogs and other creatures. If you use these alot, it's good to carry a few extras and some superglue. I have excellent success with pikes using bucktails, especially the size 5 Mepps. I've heard of guys rigging up a pickle and a hotdog with hooks and working it like a topwater jerk bait, and they tore them up too.
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                history in Wis and recent lower fire lake trip

                hey there,

                Fishing in Ontario and in Wisconsin I typically use a Johnson silver minnow with a nice wiggly fake minnow or grub tail... something that wiggles nice as it goes through the water. I consistently have Northerns hit them with vigor... at least down there....

                I have lived in Homer for 4 years, been here in Anchorage for about 8 months.... was excited to try for Pike here since I LOVE em back home (especially knowing how to filet out the bones).

                I tried both Cheney and Lower Fire lake with different spoons with no luck.

                I agree with someone else here that they haven't moved in yet. I didn't see anyone else have success there that day either. I think a broken back rappala would be good, retrieved as a wounded fish... Those antique mouse baists that have side wings have been successful in Canada for me as well.

                I am anxious to get tips on where the Pike are around here, so fill me in... i don't have a canoe or boat yet, so would need tips on off shore fishing....



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                  I second the weedless frogs for later in the season, the don't last long before the start to sink (a few pike teeth will do wonders to it) but they work awesome. Stock up on a few and give it a try!


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