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Any news on re-opening the Kenai?

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  • Any news on re-opening the Kenai?

    What have you guys heard? Will they open the river up to reds? I'm sure the folks down there are as jumpy as the rest of us!

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    Doubtful. . .

    According to Mr. Campbell yesterday, it's possible but doubtful. . . time will tell. . .maybe things will be plainer by the first of the week. . .who knows?


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      should open Monday or Tuesday.

      I checked in with ADF&G and they think that they could open the commercial fisheries by Monday or Tuesday and the sport fisheries along with them. No word on the dip net fishery since that closes by regulation at the end of the month. The Commissioner would have to extend the season for that to happen -

      Decision will be made on Sunday but with 468,000 fish pass the counter by midnight last night and passing nearly 60,000 a day they should be around 550,000 by midnight Sunday night with 1-2 days of fish in the river below the counter. That would ensure the 650,000 and I suspect they are thinking how they can now slow the escapement down. Fishing time in August is limited and typically 10-20% of the run comes in during that time period. This run is late so they should have plently of fish. Just for the record the run is still a poor return and the five year old fish are not very abundant.

      So in my humble opinion Monday should be a 90% given and Tuesday a 100%. Lets see if the politics of UCI come into play. If I was the Commissioner for a day I would reopen the dip net fishery for one week. The reason they close at the end of July is to protect silvers for the sport fishery. However, usually the first week of August does not see lots of silvers enter the river so an additional week should work for everyone. It is an allocative decision by the Commissioner but he could poll the Board of Fish to get their approval. No one should complain to allow a few fish to be taken by Alaskan residents.


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