New E-chip and flashing Rigs?



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  • New E-chip and flashing Rigs?

    Has anyone used the new E-chip flashers or Hoochies, just wondering if they are worth all the hype? And I see on this website they adertise those flashing rigs that are supposed to be great for catching Halibut and bottom fish.

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    e chip craze

    E chips hit here like crazy a couple years ago,but most have gone back to there tried and trues. Alot of the gimmicks catch more people than fish.I personally have found the most success with being ON the fish, when there ON the bite, along with proper presentation(bait action,troll speed and direction) Thats my 2 cents worth


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      Pro-troll E-chips

      I've been using the e-chips here on Lake Ontario, NY for kings with good success. Actually, everyone I talk with has been having great luck with them. There were some problems running them over 2.6MPH or so with the original models. The fin was too large and everyone was cutting them down to get a proper rotation. I see the new ones come from the factory with the cut-down fin.
      As for the e-chip flies, I have no experience and I know no one who has used them.

      That said, I think I agree w/ FISHON. Proper presentation at the right time will usually catch fish, new gimmick lure or not. It's just that these new things, atleast for me, are fun to try.

      It can't hurt to run a couple side by side and see for yourself.



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        Thanks for the input guys, I am relatively new to ocean fishing for Salmon. I have had the best luck with mooching. Kings as well as silvers seem to hit the mooching rig with plug cut herring well.


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          You need to be careful with these. Bought some last year that were made offshore. Junk I tell ya, Junk. Looked like they took some stiff wire, bent it into a trebble hook and sharpened the ends. The flasher part only worked on 75% of them and was just as crudely built.
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            Pro-Troll Flashers

            4whlr, what brand flashers were junk? I've only used the Pro-troll models, and as I said, aside from a small fin issue, they've been very good. I'm assuming you were using a different brand, as these were very well made. As for the hook, my flashers didn't come with any fly, hoochie or anything that would have it's own hook. I use A-tomic trolling flies behind them and tie my own hooks onto the leader.

            I'd be interested to know what brand was junk to stay away from.


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