Advice on Chums (Really - I'm Serious)!



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  • Advice on Chums (Really - I'm Serious)!

    Greetings! My freezer is full of Kings and Sockeye; however, my wife would like Chum Salmon eggs (her and the kids like them on rice). Anyway, if I were still in Southeast Alaska where I grew up, this wouldn't be a problem as they are thick as fleas down there. However, up here in Southcentral, they seem to be a lot less prevalent.

    I know there are a few in Resurrection Creek but there doesn't seem to be enough to target them without affecting the run. There are also some in Bird Creek but I can't stand the human circus. So far, the best bet seems to be area between Willow and Montana Creeks, though I haven't really seen them in there very thick.

    Does anyone have any experience on a prime Chum location? Also, does anyone have any experience on enticing them to bite or is it the same as my experience of just being lucky enough to hook them in the mouth, Russian River style?

    I'm hoping since these fish aren't much sought after that folks won't hold back. Thanks in advance!

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    chums in Lake Bay

    There are usually plenty in Lake Bay on Ester Island in Prince William Sound. It might be a little late, though.


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      welcome fairweather

      Welcome to the board.
      The best location I know of is the little Susitna off burma landing. I usually catch about 5 chums to every silver when i'm silver fishing. The put up a good fight though when you go looking for a 10 lb fish and get a 20 lb fish on.
      good times


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        Chums at Clear Creek

        Usually around the first week of August there are plenty of chums that are more than willing to bite spinners at the mouth of Clear Creek on the Talkeetna.


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          Dog Day Delights...

          My most productive spot was Sheep Creek Bridge on the Parks Highway.

          My technique was to send a spoter on top of the bridge and I would fish the pool below. The spoter would call out for placement, and I would pitch according to his instructions. I used Pixxe's with a trebble hook, and in this combination of fishing partnership we would knock them silly.

          Chums have great eggs, I agree. Most I released, but a few hit the grill. That fish is the angriest salmon that could ever swim. Try the Little Sue near the Parks as well if you prefer to wade and probe. It's just as productive...

          "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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            Thanks for all of the input. Does the Clear Creek/Talkeetna thing require a boat or can you hike to it?


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              Chum Galore

              Deska/Willow area is full of chums! I saw at least 100 two weekends ago and they fought hard! We kept a couple for the grill and smoker! Some had color while most were still dime bright!


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                you do need a boat for clear creek. Mahays does a drop off service for $50 pp.


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                  chums at montana creek

                  plenty of chummy chums at montana creek, if not in the creek, down at the mouth....chartruse/green seems to be a choice color whether fishing pixies, vibrax or otherwise....have caught lots of them on eggs whild drifting for silvers as well. Cost is $7 for day parking


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                    Here you go.

                    Montana creek mouth. All the chums you can stand to catch.
                    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. ~Henry David Thoreau


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