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    After moving to Alaska a couple of years ago, my husband and I have been our own fishing guides. We haved lots of fun and a little success. This summer however we will be having friends and family visit and are hoping for more success. Does anyone know of a good family orriented guide that would be econmical?

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    Try Capt. Ted

    You might try Ted 907-646-7755. He will work with your budget and is one of the best fishermen in Whittier.


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      Call Capt Steve at , he runs 2 boats, a sixpack, the Profish-N-Sea and a bigger boat, the m/v Pursuit that will carry 10 people. Very clean and fast boats and good quality gear, he will put you on the fish!


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        We have fished with LeSea charters out of Seward, smaller boat tho.
        Family run charter, Dwayne is captain, daughter Alison is first mate even
        tho she is also licensed 6pk captain. Always had fun and always caught
        fish. Can get Anchorage office # out of phone book.

        A great time to be had.


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          What and Where?

          What do you want to fish for? Where do you want to fish out of?

          The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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            Thanks for the replies. I'll check out some of the different suggestions. We will have a group of nine so the smaller boat will most likely not work for us.

            In my original question, I forgot to mention the type of fishing. On oversight on my part. We are thinking we would like to do a salmon fishing trip but thought of a salmon / halibut combination since we have not been halibut fishing before. Our options are open. We can also go from anywhere in the state that we can drive too. With so many of us, it could get very costly to fly somewhere.

            Thanks again for all your recomendations. I look forward to any further one's.


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