Fishing around Sterling -- Bears?



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  • Fishing around Sterling -- Bears?

    Hi All,

    New to this forum and am heading up to the Sterling area in a couple of weeks to fish. Part of the time will be fishing with a guide and part time on our own.

    We've never been to Alaska and of course have heard lots of bear stories...

    Should we bring a firearm for protection while wandering around on our own in the Sterling area (Kenai Peninsula)? Not sure WHERE we will end up, but want to explore and do a little fishing on our own.

    My choice would be a Rem 870 pump, 20" bbl 12g loaded with 00 and slugs. Good enough option? Just not sure how 'developed' the Sterling area is and whether we chance an encounter with a big furry.

    Thanks much,


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    I've lived in Sterling for 3 years now. I've seen one bear. 2 years ago it pushed me off of a gravel bar. He wanted to fish where I was fishing. I let him have the spot. This year my neighbors phoned me and told me that there was a brown bear hanging out near the end of my driveway and charging cars. I did not see it. I did not go out running for 3 days though. I have never seen anyone carrying a gun while fishing here either. But, there have been at least 2 attacks in the last 2 years. One each on a jogger and two hikers. You'll have to decide for yourself. Good luck.


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