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  • Regulation Confusion.


    Im very confused by Alaska regulations...

    I hear about everyone fishing, and getting there limits etc etc etc.. But then i look at the regs and it looks like all the places i hear of people fishing the limits of silvers are 2 fish per day... But yet someone said they kept like 40.. am I confused or what.

    Also, everyone seems to dislike pinks.. Are they bad to eat etc.

    Kaylin and I are coming up there in early Sept and we are totally confused as to where to fish, what to keep when we do fish, how many we can keep etc etc

    From what i can see, there are very few closed area's in september.. So i think were good on most of that..

    Now we ponder what to fish with, but we have our fly rods, we have our baitcasters on texas style trout rods to fish with spinnerss etc.. We dont plan on using any bait at all.. So i think were good on what were bringing.

    I gota hand it to AF&G about being confusing as heck lol

    Thanks all


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    Also guys,

    I see all these regulations about fish less than 20" and 18"... Do yall ever catch these fish.. It basically says limits on 18" and under are 10 per day.. Thats alot of fish, if yall even catch any that small.

    There is still alot of prep as far as regs, and where we can catch them, and how to clean them etc for us to do.. So ill be posting up alot in the coming month lol

    We dont plan on keeping much fish, but surely dont want to get in trouble with AG&F for not knowing the correct methods and spots.



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      The people talking about catching 40 fish are most likely talking about dip netting around the Kasilof or Kenai. You cannot catch 40 fish under sport fishing regulations in one day.

      In September you will miss most of the fishing. Sorry to tell ya, but there might be a few streams and rivers with some silvers but that will be about it for salmon. Most of the creeks, rivers, and lakes will have rainbow, grayling, and dollies though.

      For new comers to Alaska I would highly recommend using bait, cured egg roe, with regulations permitting with give you more success. You can pick up a reg book at almost any convenience store, definitely pick up one of these bad boys. If bait is scratched off your list pixee, vibrax, yarn, or flies will be a good bet depending what you plan to fish. Also keep in mind some waters allow only unbaited single hooks. This is where the reg book comes in handy.

      As far as where to fish, the holes I usually fish will be no good come September. The Kenai area might be a good bet, but I tend to stay away from these areas infested with crazed, out of their mind, maniacs. If you are new to salmon fishing I would stay away from highly concentrated combat fishing zones, shoulder to shoulder type fishing.

      Rainbows should be quite abundant on the Kenai Peninsula that time of year.


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        Now is the time to start researching where you want to fish. When you locate those bodies of water then check the regulations for that specific area. That will keep confusion down. The regulations are not that confusiong in my opinion, but I have read the book front to back many many many times.

        Usually when the limit is 10 fish under 18" that is usually for rainbow stocked lakes, or jack salmon. I have a reg book upstairs, give me a page number and let me see if I can clarify for you.


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          I can understand for people that live in Ak.. Its not that confusing.. However, us southerners get confused lol.

          For example.. Page 27 states that Coho (silvers right) under 16" you can keep 10 a day....

          But main book states you can only catch 10 per day...

          Also, is that inclusive of the whole state etc... If i fish say the lower kenai in the morning, and we take the off and go to say Homer... There it looks like you can catch 6 Coho per day.

          Here in texas, the limits on our fish are statewide.. Period.. Theres not much of different limits for different area's on our coast

          Thanks alot

          We are going to be fishing the entire Kenai... Seward, homer, upper and lower etc. We will be traveling via RV for 12 days.. The way you guys make it sound, we will catch plenty of fish.. I just want to make sure we do it right..



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            For the most part, a good rule of thumb would be, each tributary has its own regulations.

            Page 27 is in regards to the upper Kenai River tributaries. 10 fish under 16" is a lot but you wont find much unless you fish the lakes that are stocked with landlocked salmon. That regulation pertains to all salmon under 16" of length, for some reason they just lable the coho's (silvers) seperately. Probably because they stock lakes with coho's, which usually dont get over 16" in length.

            I remember when the bag limit was changed from 3 coho's per day down to two out of three. That year that was an abismal coho run thoughtout the entire cook inlet region. I dont know why the regulation has stuck. But you can keep two coho's over 16" and one other species of fish, most likely a red, if you can find one, in that time of year.

            I have never eaten a pink salmon becuase, from what I have been told, once they hit fresh water the meat tends to loose its consistancy and turns white. Chums and pinks are the two least desired sport fished salmon in Alaska.

            You can also call ADF&G and ask them questions too. I know I have. If you have puleld the regs up online I am sure there is a phone number available there somewhere.


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              Keep in mind that if you fish in a waterway that allows you to keep 3 silvers per day than you are done fishing for silvers. The only way you legitimately could catch more is if you went to another river that allowed 6 per day, then you would be allowed 3 more from there. I don't think you will probably fish in more than 1 river each day though unless you simply aren't catching anything. As Watergremlin stated pinks and chums are the least desirable salmon and most Alaskans don't keep them. They are however fun to catch. I had pinks many years ago and didn't care for them at all and forgot how much I disliked them. 2 yrs. ago I kept some and smoked them up, I don't think I will forget why I don't keep them, lol. On another note I grew up in the states and ate alot of pink salmon that had been canned. I didn't complain then but those were caught by commercial fisherman in the high seas and were alot fresher than what you find in the rivers.


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                Thanks guys

                Thats what i wanted to know... You hear varrying things about pinks.. Kaylin's sister lived up there for 10 years.. From what she said, even number years there are tons of pinks to catch... Sounded like she ate them all the time, but heck i dont know

                We want to do one day in homer fishing for halibut, rocks and lingcod.. So i suspect we will have quite a bit of fillets from them. So we will keep some silvers and thats about it

                Just looking to get a full lines pulled..

                and we are especially pumped about cathing most of our fish on flies... Since we rarely fly fish here in our coastal texas waters.

                Thanks again



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                  Pinks are fine. . .

                  Pinks are fine, especially if caught in salt water or tidal waters in a river. Fish for them as far downstream as you can find a place to do so. They're good eating, not as good perhaps as a red or a king, but pinks are okay. A lot of the malarkey you've been hearing is likely from fish snobs. We Alaskans get a little goofy at times. . .

                  Catch your pinks and enjoy your stay. Where are you from in Texas?


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                    lots of fish


                    There are still plenty of fish around in September. A lot of Alaskans don't realize it because they have freezers full of fish and are off hunting by then. Target silvers (coho) and trout. Silvers are still coming into the rivers, I know people who catch them into October. Rainbows are simply stuffing themselves with eggs and salmon flesh to get ready for the up coming winter.

                    Figure out what general area in Alaska you really want to visit. Call the Fish & Game office for that region and talk to a fish biologist. He will tell you where you can catch fish at that time of year. Then read, and reread, the regulations for the particular water bodies that you will fish. That way you've eliminated the 90% of the regs that don't apply to where you will be fishing.

                    Any pinks you encounter in Sept will be so far gone you will not even contemplate keeping them.


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                      Pinks, when caught while dime-bright, are fine to eat. Their flesh is softer and has less taste than other species, but they're fine. Pinks vs. silvers, reds, and kings, is like having a choice of Hershey's chocolate vs. Godiva chocolate....either is fine, but when given a choice......


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                        Another thing....

                        to think about is "fish in possession". When the regs say "2 per day and 4 in possession" that means once you have cought two days limits (4 fish) you are not allowed to keep any more until you have taken care of the previous fish. For a fish to not be "in possession" means that it is processed well enough to be fit for consumption after being left in it's current state for 15 days. Since you are in an RV you need to figure out how to process your fish (canning, freezing and smoking are the most popular methods). There are several places on the Kenai penninsula that offer freezing/storage for a fair price.

                        Just FYI.

                        The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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                          Kenai Peninsula fishing

                          For September here are some options for you: 1) fish silvers in the lower Kenai River 2) take a float trip for dolly varden and rainbows in the Upper Kenai River 3) fish halibut and rockfish out of Homer or Seward 4) fish for steelhead in the Anchor River (look at the regs on this one as I believe it is catch and release - but a great time)

                          I would suggest that when you drive down from Anchorage you stop in at the ADF&G office and talk to Larry Marsh, local sport fish biologist. The office is on Kalifornsky Beach Road which is the first roat after you cross the Kenai River leaving Soldotna. Turn right and go down Kalifornsky for about 3-4 miles - the office is on the right in a building with a Doors and Windows unlimited sign out front. The number there is 907-262-9368. In Homer the ADF&G office number is 907-235-8191. These guys will take the time to talk to you and tell you what is happening at the moment.

                          Do not call them now. They are up to their elbows in fish issues so give them two weeks. They will be relaxed and very helpful.

                          Hope this helps.


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                            Nice fish from your trip to Mexico.
                            My husband Doug & I caught plenty of silvers the last 2 weeks of September ova in Cordova last year. Love that place. This year we're vacationing early, I'm meeting him Aug 12th in Anchorage (he's up north of Nome working, I'm in PA) we're heading down to Seward & Homer for a couple of days Halbut fishing then to Cordova for silvers. Alaska is addictive.This will be our 3rd year in a row. You & Kaylin will have a blast.The grandure of the place is breathtaking.Have a fun, safe trip.


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                              the best salmon for eating!!!

                              you should be able to book a trip for feeder kings out of homer. NOTHING is better!!!
                              if you need some names shoot me a PM.
                              Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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