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McKie Campbell to Meet in Kenai Friday ...

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  • McKie Campbell to Meet in Kenai Friday ...

    A little birdy has told me ...

    At 3 PM at Cook Inlet Aquaculture Center on K-Beach Rd. for a public meeting regarding the issues currently facing lots of user groups on the Peninsula.

    Speak your mind

    Remember, nearly a half million sockeye harvested in the Kasilof terminal fishery since the restrictions were emplaced on sport, PY, and even tribal fishers.

    Either way you look at it or buy into whatever camp, here's what you're looking at with the Kasilof terminal fishery:

    If you're on the boat that says these were nearly all Kasilof fish ... then you're looking at exploitation rates that are even higher than the fish traps that were outlawed at statehood ... how are other species, such as the 2nd run of kings that state managers are trying to get a grip on for run size estimates (hard to get accurate data if exploitation rates are over 90%)??

    If you're on the boat that says more were Kenai fish and you've been shut out of your opportunity ... then let 'em know what you think about the impact on a run that needs some help and the fact that you've been shut down and a fishery away from the public's eye is still hammering them.

    Funny how Soldotna ADF&G has not announced this meeting and seems to know nothing.

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    No birdie needed. . .


    No birdie needed to tell you that McKie Campbell would be in town — didn't I see it announced in the Clarion a few days back?

    Whatever, thanks for posting the meeting. It is, as you say, an opportunity for folks to speak their mind.

    Beside the two groups you defined — 1) those who think the Kasilof terminal fishery is killing all the Kenai reds that have gone missing, and 2) those who are honked off about some second-run Kasilof kings unavailable to feed the in-river charter boat industry — there is a third group.

    Some think ADF&G is doing the best they can under given the mandates prescribed by Board of Fisheries. I was talking with a state employee the other day who observed that the influence of commercial sportfishing has changed the nature of everything associated with salmon on the Kenai Peninsula, every aspect and certainly within ADF&G. The amount of money involved has served to push the Department up against the wall with regards to its ability to manage the resource and will continue to challenge the Department and BOF to develop sustainable production goals and viable management plans.

    Heck, Bob, only seven or eight years ago I could wade into the Kasilof opposite Grassy Bank and drift fish for kings. I can do so no longer for fear of getting run over by a never-ending stream of guide boats clogging the river. And the second run? There were no in-river charter boats working that run.

    See you there?


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      Once again Marcus, you're always right

      No one on 2nd run 7-8 years ago?? Our daily use reports are on file with State Parks ... need some help with that, ask for last names such as Ball, O'Neil, Reilly, Swerin, Lesterson, Price, Lindgren, Borg. If you need more, I can pass more along.

      FYI, most of the Kasilof guides would like to see guide boat numbers reduced as well Marcus. Different discussion for another day ...

      Have we heard one request from the commerical sector for a management plan for second-run Kasilof kings? I didn't think so? Don't worry about what you can't see


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        The meeting. . .


        You got me confused with someone else my wife tells me I'm never right.

        Just called CIA, the meeting is between Campbell and KPFA, it begins at 2:30, and is open to the public. For any who don't know, Cook Inlet Aquaculture is at 40610 K-Beach Road.

        What "commercial" sector are you referring to on the second-run thing? Guides or gill-nets?

        I'll take your word for the in-river charter boats working second-run Kasilof kings eight years ago I just don't remember ever seeing any or having any interfere with my fishing. Maybe they weren't quite so plentiful then as now? Hey, we even got a second-run derby this year.


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          correct information

          The meeting everyone is talking about is the annual meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Fisherman's Association, which are set net fisherman. They requested the Commissioner come to the meeting a month ago so it has nothing to do with the recent closure. The public may not be able to speak as it is open to the public to observe but that does not mean a free voice. Their membership will decide that.

          Bob, you should check that out before it goes out on this forum. People may show up thinking they can speak and not be able because of the time and priority of the set net fisherman in their own meeting.

          Also, I would tell people not to come - it could lead to some really bad situations. Emotions are running high and people say and do things in that state that are not normal. The time and place to review this season is after the season via the Kenai/Soldotna advisory board, request to the Board of Fish for a special UCI meeting, and discussions with ADF&G when the data are in and available.

          Let the set netters have their meeting and show some civil respect for that group. Putting out that this is an ADF&G meeting is incorrect and that is why ADF&G does not take the lead on it.


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            Bad birdie. . .

            Yo, Bob, looks like I'm not the only one who can make a mistake from time-to-time. See Nerka's post above a KPFA meeting "open to the public" is not the same as a "public meeting." And the meeting was printed in the Clarion.

            Check your "birdie" it's off-key. . .

            Hang in there. . . this malarkey will probably still be going on long after we're both gone. . .


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