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Homer Fishing - Halibut and Salmon

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  • Homer Fishing - Halibut and Salmon

    Hi folks. I am looking for some tips and locations to fish for halibut and salmon out of Homer. I sold my boat a couple of years ago as my wife and I had a baby. My wife and I are taking her parents to Homer for the first time this weekend and are renting a boat to take out. So all of my GPS info is gone and on top of that, have not fished these waters in a couple years. Anything you are willing to share would be appreciated!

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    couple known halibut spots are out in front of seldovia around 120-200 feet of water and west of the spit straight out from the ice rink in 50-70 feet of water. You can get into some more consistent stuff you go straight west of the tip of the spit about 15 or 20 miles or so. people also get them off the bluffs any where from 40-90 feet as well. If i am fishing under 150' of water i always have a chum bag down. Salmon is a toss up i havent spent much time trolling but people troll the bluffs and pogi point for kings. Most likely to early for silvers
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