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    Grizzlies on rivers put managers on edge
    PREVENTION: The Forest Service is stepping up regulation on the Kenai and Russian.

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    Craig Medred: Anchorage Daily News, 6/26/06
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    Here's a youTUBE clip from the confluence of the Russian and Kenai.

    Looks like these critters are being conditioned for an easy meal.

    Too bad 'cause the outcome is eventually the same in virtually all cases... dead bear.
    "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
    The KeenEye MD


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      I find it ironic that I am encouraged to hunt for bears in some areas (predatory areas without even needing a tag) and in some areas I would be punished for shooting a bear to protect my life.

      Its unfortunate about the confluenece situation and the bears being present with all the people encouraged to go fishing on the KP by the tourism advocates at the same time.

      I am simply glad I can still open carry my firearm.

      Jedi Salmon Powers Activated!


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        Last summer will be the LAST summer I fish the confluence itself, at least until the current situation is resolved, one way or another.

        The lack of education I saw there last year had my hair standing on end and a certain part of my anatomy puckered up tighter than a snare drum.

        People throwing rocks at the bears to protect "their hole"..Small/Young children approaching the bears, and when the bears came closer, the kids would turn and run screaming back towards the crowd of gawkers...People leaving fish/food/packs laying in plain sight as they backed off from the approaching bears...People approaching within feet of the bears to get "that" picture, and ignoring both the bears demeanor and their own encroachment into it's range...

        It's not a matter of "if" but "when" the feces is gonna hit the fan there..And sadly the bears will be made out to look like the villains...
        “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.” ― H.S.T.
        "Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you."


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          I too will no younger be fishing the confluence for the reasons Hippie mentioned plus the crowds nor will I take any of my out of state guests down there no mater how much they beg and plead. It's the people down there that need a good educating about bears and if that don't work a good arss kickin' would do some of them some good too.

          Just one Alaskans opinion
          Rick P
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          Bowyer to the forces of light in the land of the midnight sun.
          The 3 fold way: Every step we take as we walk through life effects, our family, our comunity and ourselves. One should walk thoughtfuly.


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            The forest service needs to be out at the confluence with rubber buckshot and ben bags shooting every bear they see, give it a month or so and no more bear problem. Of course that would make tourists mad but a hazed bear is better than a dead bear.
            I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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              you had me all the way until you said the rubber buckshot and bean bags....were for the bears and NOT the tourists!!

              just kidding...somewhat.


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                ya right..

                So instead of being in close proximity to hungry, curious bears, we go ahead and change that to angry, adrenalized, and frightened bears?

                I don't think so.

                Originally posted by ak_powder_monkey View Post
                The forest service needs to be out at the confluence with rubber buckshot and ben bags shooting every bear they see, give it a month or so and no more bear problem. Of course that would make tourists mad but a hazed bear is better than a dead bear.


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                  I think Flintlock is right on....we can educate the fishermen a lot easier than we can teach the bears..... maybe cubpilot should follow up on his thought........


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                    c'mon I was just joking!


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                      I'll just follow up by saying this. I personally will not, CANNOT fish amongst hordes of people regardless if they are tourists, relatives etc.. I have absolutely NO problem fishing amongst bears, as they are far more predictable and even tempered than say the average Willow Creek angler in the heart of King season. Seriously, you must understand that being a wild animal they are without morals as we are. Some of us anyway. They are driven by instincive needs such as food and sex. If you give them their space, dont leave garbage, food , blood and guts, anything that might appeal to a large carnivore laying around you might not have to leave your favorite fishing spot. But then again, you might. I have done this on many occasions and will again. Im happy to share a fishing hole with someone who doesnt talk too much.
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                        And the bear might not crowd you, cast over your line and tangle them.


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                          Bingo! we should start a list. Why fishing with bears is better than fishing with people.....

                          1. Bears dont b*tch about bologna sandwiches with MAYO

                          2. Bears dont use up all your toilet paper.

                          3. gut piles are a "bonus"

                          you get my drift...


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                            They dont whine about having to pee in the bushes.

                            Theres no arguement about who gets the last beer.

                            If you get hung up they dont complain about you actually taking the time to walk upstream.

                            They dont ask to borrow your bug spray.


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                              Been here since 89, stopped fishing the confluence in 91. Just couldn't stand the gobs of, pardon me, rude, inconsiderate twits. Saying combat fishing might sound cute, but it isn't. There were no real bear problems then, as memory serves. There are lots of fishing places where you can get back to what it should be. Might take a little more effort then pulling off into a parking lot, but hey, since when do people come to Alaska to have it easier? Oops, this is the 21st century isn't it, and I get my permanent license next month. Sigh....


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