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  • Anyone been on the Russian?

    Would appreciate an update. I still need to bag a few more reds for the year.

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    Fished the RR this past weekend. Very poor fishing. Some limits to be had, but generally only in the confluence, lots of time required. Sunday AM saw a few fresh fish pushing in, but only the Cottonwood hole seemed to have many fish. And many fishermen.

    I would guess the river might be fishable by this coming weekend, but wouldn't want to predict how good it will be.

    BTW, bear problems are BAD (I know, I know, it's really a people problem). Guy got his backpack eaten Saturday PM by Gimpy, didn't get a ticket. Saw a man with 2 kids fishing the same spot Sunday AM, backpacks on the gravel. Told him about the bear's previous day's adventure, got the old "thanks for your interest in national security" wave, and he went back to fishing. Problems in the near future?



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      if you have a cell phone, call F&G on them. We need to be a little more proactive in enforcement. Letting them know is the first step, but then call the violations number (1-800-478-3377).


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        Actually, try calling the Refuge 262-7021 or Chugach Forest enforcement officers first (not sure of their number). They're the ones who are most likely to have enforcement officers in the area. Also on the list to call would be the wildlife enforcement Troopers 262-4573 or 262-5312. Just for a little clarification, ADF&G does NOT have active enforcement officers...though some do have enforcement authority. I know many people use F&G as a generic term, but you're much more likely to get the response you'd like if you call the folks you need to be talking too.

        I agree that proactive enforcement is definitely needed. If they (inconsiderate fisherman) blow you off, how about taking a picture of them with their backpacks laying on the bank in the background with a digital camera? Then if you run into an officer, there's your proof, not just a "they're doing such and such" story. Or maybe the numbskulls will realize you're a little more serious about your hint to pick up their stuff and listen to you (yes I know...unlikely).


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          1. Is It Illegal To Leave Your Backpacks On The Ground, Or Just Wrong In Many People's Opinion?
          2 What Are The Odds Of A Bear, (now That They Know What's In Them And They Now Know To Go After Them), To Decide To Take One Off A Guy's Back?
          Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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            Here is another post that has the rule that they are trying to start, it might be in place already.


            I doubt one would try to take one off someones back, but you never know. but the good thing about a backpack is it would be a little extra protection if a bear does take a serious interest in you (knocks you over).


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