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  • Reds on the Kenai...

    Went down to my dad's this weekend for a family visit and we were able to do some fishing, we limited! Any rate it got me thinking about last weeks thread and our tug of war over the fish we all love. I came to a conclusion sitting in my waders on the bank, no good will come of us taking shots at each other. I believe we ALL want this resource to contine for our kids and grandkids, the question is how. So I propose we get our thoughs and positions out in the open in a constructive way. I have learned alot from all of you and I'm sure we would have a hell of a time around the camp fire in some future location. So I figure I will start:

    32 years in Alaska
    Have previously worked summer for ADF&G in Bristol Bay
    Never been a guide
    Never been a commercial fisherman
    Grew up fishing and hunting this great state
    Live in Eagle River but have family in Sterling
    My position is the Kenai should me managed for sport fish first. (just my biased opinion)
    Have no formal training in biology, besides what I took as an undergraduate.
    Believe the ADF&G have a thankless job that they do VERY WELL!
    Want to watch my grandkids catch fish like I have (that will be a while)
    Still into Marcus for 2 beers (How about next week?)

    How about it fellas...want to put this forum to good use?

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    Sounds good. . .

    Sounds good to me. . . anything that would put an end to the incessant hammering of the gill-net industry in order to satiate the greed of those addicted to fishing for or to the economics of fishing for second-run kings. All their whining, complaining, and pointing fingers accomplishes is to poison the well from which we Alaskans must drink year 'round.

    My notion is that we do exactly as the state's constitution mandates and manage the various fisheries for sustained yield. There really are enough fish for everyone (except those few complainers who want 100% of second-run kings for fun, money, trophies, and c&r). We need the commercial gill-nets in order to give the biologists the means to control escapements the sport fishery simply can't catch that many fish.

    That's how I see it simply get rid of the greed, manage the runs for sustained yield, and everyone gets a share of the resource.

    AK fisher who doesn't fish as often as I used to
    First came to AK in '61, my wife in '57, have lived on the Kenai, Los Anchorage, and Talkeetna
    Worked as a guide kings, sheep, caribou for a season
    Never been a commercial fisherman except as a guide (doing it for money)
    Next week is fine. . .


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      I agree..

      Marcus is correct that we should manage the fish according to the constitution. One question I do have on all the factors that affect a fish run, how many can we really control. I have read Nerka's posts and he sounds very in the know when it comes to the river, but I find my self asking what if anything can we control other that the people who harvest the fish? Can we make the ice thicker, change the turbidity of the water, out there Nerka? We could use you!


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        Kenai is closed...

        Just heard they kenai is closed. This could get ugly, but you have to admire the balls on the ADF&G guys. Tough call, but one they had to make. Silvers anyone?


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          Kenai closed

          Yep, saw that a few hours ago on the ADF&G website, personally i'm glad they closed it now those tourists will have to find something else to do. Silvers out of Seward ought to be a hoot!


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            Sockeye Closure

            AKHunter, the Kenai is not closing to fishing. Only the retention of Red salmon. I am sure all the tourist, and locals a like will be fishing in all the regular spots. Actually, may see more fisherman up on the Russian were you can harvest reds.


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              Doesn't the title to this thread say "Reds on the Kenai"? That is what we're talking about right? I didn't think I would have to specifically say reds in my post since the title already says it, sorry if i confused you. And I doubt if the usual number of fisherman will remain but thats just my opinion.


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                Only to reds...

                I never specified in my reply, but did mean only to reds. How does that make you guys feel? Support, against, ideas......keep them coming but keep them dealing with the ISSUE and not each other.

                P.S - when was the last time the river was closed to reds??


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                  Red Fishing

                  I am sure there will still be a lot of people out for the fun of catch and release.


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                    If I heard the news correctly tonight the Russian River/Kenai River fly-fishing area will remain open.


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                      Sport fishing for sockeye is closed

                      If you read the emergency order, you will see that the sport fishery is closed for sockeye salmon, except in the Russian River/Kenai River fly-fishing-only area. That means if someone is trying to line sockeye, they could be cited. The "linning" fishing technique is pretty unique to red fishing on the Kenai and enforcement officers indicated they would cite people who are attempting to catch and release sockeye. If your going to target pinks or silvers, you should other gear that works better anyway.



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