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  • Idiots on the Russian

    I have been up here in Alaska for 2 years now and my favorite place to fish is by far the Russian river. I do not like to fish the confluence, way too crowded for my taste, but the river is spectacular, lots of great holes outside of the confluence, and I always love to see the bears playing in the river. So when I had company visiting from Michigan last week, I told them they had to go see the Russian. They went down without me and took a couple days to travel around the area. This was their take on the trip.

    On the river, the little gimpy bear came out of the woods to do some fishing, as I have seen many times before. He motored along and caught a few fish here and there. He eventually came to a spot where 3 guys were fishing. Rather than move out of the way, these three guys stood there in their hole and screamed at the bear - "this is our hole, get out of here." The bear eventually moved within about 15-20 feet of these guys, totally minding his own business looking for fish, and not even paying attention to the guys. Finally, rather than moving, one guy pulls out his .44 mag and fires a shot in the air, sending the bear scrambling across the river and up the other bank. They laughed all about it.

    My visitors were less than impressed. In fact, being the avid outdoorsman he is, my friend said he wanted to go up and ask the guy if he wanted that .44 shoved up his @**. But of course, the guy had the gun and my friend did not.

    This stupidity truly shows that the bears will be the big losers on the river, and that it is much more of a "people problem" than a "bear problem." Just wanted to share that story. If you are the one who fired the shot and are reading this, you are an idiot. You put others in danger and you put the bears in danger by being such an idiot. If you are an out-of-stater, please go away and do not come back. If you are an Alaskan, please go away and do not come back.
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    Thats to bad. Not from AK but coming in Sep. People need to remember that bears where there first and they need the food to survive the LONG winters in AK. Is hazing legal in AK?? That guy needs to pull his head out of his *ss!


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      I thought that most people had a few more intelligent brain cells than that. Three out of three in the hole thought this behavior to be acceptable? I would have offered to shove the gun up my fishing partners #$@ and never went with him again. Also, in retrospect, your guests should have reported the people to the troopers as they would have enjoyed taking the irresponsible gun owner aside and giving him a good talking too, then your guests could have had a good laugh as well. Folks, most people know these bears to be good natured, but they will not continue to be with people like this around. If someone had been in the way of that fleeing bear they would have most likely been injured. Use your heads, give wildlife the distance and respect necessary to avoid unnecessary agressive behavior from either party (reasoning that the bear wasn't respecting your space is very idiotic as they rely on instinct to get food, they dont have manners and thier mothers don't teach etiquette) and use the troopers when you see poor behavior and it becomes obvious a little "constructive critcism" of peoples ethics isn't going to work.



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        Welcome to the Kenai in the summer.


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          What part of Michigan did your company come from?


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            Originally posted by Matt
            Welcome to the Kenai in the summer.
            You got that right! Welcome to summer on the Kenai where "opportunity at any cost" reigns supreme! Especially on the Russian.


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