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Election thread in gen dicussion

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  • Election thread in gen dicussion

    Post your thoughts on who you like for gov down in the general discussion category.
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    You can bet a gun loving republican, will get my vote.


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      Haven't decided yet, and probably won't until after the primaries. I guarantee you Frank can bank on NOT getting my vote.


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        Second that one AkTroutman.


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          Governor is important

          I continue to be distressed at the anti-intellectualism directed at Frank. OK, he is tone-deaf and he got a jet with a bathroom onboard. For the record, I intend to vote for Sarah Palin, but I shudder to think what may have happened if there had been a Knowles adminstration in power with all this oil money around. Murkowski has served this state for far longer than most of you have been getting your permanent fund checks, and the fact that so many effete Eastern liberals get there pantyies in a wad over wolf control must count for something. Frank is an honorable man, which is more than I can say for most of the masses I pass on the SewARD Hiway each day.
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            I too will be voting for Sarah Palin. There has probably always been a problem with Murkowski but until he became govenor and was actually in the state most of the time he was Washington DCs headache. It's not just about the buying the jet, despite overwhelmingly popular sentiment to not do it, the fact is Frank still doesn't get it. He really does not appear to understand how us "common" people look at these things. Too many years as a professional politician will get you out of touch with real life. Same thing with the whole gas pipeline issue.....why did we have to keep everything "secret"??? Doesn't he serve the Again....he just doesn't get it. And appointing Lisa to serve in his term.....can we spell NEPOTISM any more loudly...and, once again, he doen't get why everyone is upset. May I add that I think Lisa is a good senator and I voted for her last election....she is much better than her father. If we renominate Frank I will have to write in for Smokey Bear.


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