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new fishing hole on the kenai

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  • new fishing hole on the kenai

    Been driving over the warren ames bridge since it was built. Rarely have I seen more than a couple of boats until the silvers are in. Even then maybe half a dozen. Yesterday I saw 30 boats above the bridge and a few below. Is this the new hotspot for big kings?

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    Warran Ames Bridge

    This year, for some unknown reason, the majority of the kings are holding in the lower river below Beaver Creek. Consequently, most of the boats looking for fish are concentrated in that lower section. The reason you are seeing so many boats is simply folks looking for water to fish in. You are correct that it is extremely rare to find boats below the Cow Pasture or Cunningham Park. If you want an enjoyable day on the Kenai, fish from Centennial to the Pillars. The traffic is light and the chances of picking up fish are just as good (because of the low number of boats; fish are being caught up high, just not the normal concentration). It is also noteworhty that the king numbers are lacking way behind still... there are a variety of other posts related to low return vs. late return... jury is still out.

    Good luck


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