Silvers coming towards Seward Yet?



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  • Silvers coming towards Seward Yet?

    I know, I'm getting anxious. Getting to AK on 8/8 then heading north for a couple of days, and I don't expect to be in Seward until around 8/12 or 13, probably till the 16th, but I'm's it looking further out at the end of the bay? And, in deeper waters in the bay?
    Are there any predicitions of what the silver population in res. bay will look like around mid-August? Oh, Wise Ones - do you have a crystal ball and a fish finder to back it up?
    The derby will be on, I don't have a boat, but I do have hope! Just curious to know if there are any reports of large (or even small or medium) numbers of salmon headed in the right direction. After having seen all the disappointing reports about the reds run this year...I'm hoping that silvers come through! Thanks.

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    They've been pulling a few silvers out for a few days now. We were halibut fishing and saw 3 or 4 boats hitting the silvers pretty good. This was about a week ago...Eric


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      caught 22 at pony cove last weekend, not as good ad 52 same weekend last year, but still fun.


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