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Living in Alaska June thru October

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  • Living in Alaska June thru October

    If you could live in Alaska June thru October and are able to fish those months.
    What part of Alaska would you reside?
    Thanking about spending my summers there.
    Give me ya'll opinion.

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    There's good fishing in those months almost anywhere you go. The further north and the more interior, the more iffy October becomes. Probably your bigger questions are ocean or not, people or not, conveniences or not, rain or not. Small coastal towns with access to rivers and no nearby tourist hotspots or no road connections to the population centers probably give the best fishing with the fewest people, but you're going to pay a premium for gas, need to provide your own boat or plane, and can forget about the discount stores.
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      AK part time

      I made the decision to do this starting next year and will be staying in Sterling on the Kenai peninsula from May - August then in the Fairbanks area in September and then back to the lower 48 for the winter. A few weeks every summer is just not long enough after doing it for 20 some years. I am very fortunate in that I work from home so I can be most anywhere provided I have a nearby airport as I spend alot of time in airplanes.



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